3 Family Vacation Accommodation Options To Consider

When planning a family holiday, there are several questions that you might find yourself asking. Where are you going? When is the best time to go on vacation? These are all valid questions, but the most important part of planning your vacation would be wondering about accommodation and how you will find the best place for your entire family. Where you stay while on vacation can make or break your entire experience. It can also determine how much you’ll spend as lodging expenses for foreign and domestic travel account for 26% and 21% of all travel expenditures, respectively. So, where should you reside during your travels? Here are some of the best accommodation options for your family vacation.

1. Vacation rental

If you have a larger family, you are probably already aware of how difficult it is to find accommodation that suits everyone’s needs. There aren’t a lot of hotel rooms that can host a large family in one suite, and you might end up paying for additional rooms. If you’re concerned about not exceeding your accommodation budget, you can look into getting a vacation rental. Apart from saving you money, vacation rentals sometimes provide guests with amenities that standard hotels do not always have. Many rentals have items like books, toys, computers, and games, and in some cases, might grant guests access to a local country club.

Depending on the size of the home, vacation rentals offer guests additional space, with a kitchen and living area. You will also have access to a backyard to spend your days and evenings hanging out. There’s so much to do for everyone in a vacation rental.

2. Resort

If you want to have the perfect vacation where you can truly escape, you need to stay at a resort. Resorts are fun for everyone! While your children enjoy their games, you can choose to relax by the pool or lake, enjoy a delicious meal, or go for a calming walk. One of the reasons you should strongly consider staying at a resort is the convenience. Most vacation resorts are all-inclusive, and perks like meals, drinks, and entertainment are usually included in your package, making your vacation more affordable and fun.

3. Boat

There’s nothing more soothing than relaxing on calm waters, especially if you do not get seasick! Surprisingly, booking a boat for your family vacation is very easy. There are several websites where you can rent a boat or deal directly with a boat owner. It’s a fun way to switch from the usual types of vacation accommodation. However, it’s best to always research before renting a boat. If chartering your boat is too expensive, there are also tons of cruises you and your family join. Like resorts, cruises also usually offer all-inclusive packages and have a wide range of activities suitable for all family members.

What’s your favorite accommodation type when you travel with family? Hopefully, these accommodation options have inspired you to try something new with your family and create fun and long-lasting memories.