4 Tips When Choosing Travel Accommodation As A Family

Family Vacation

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Everyone knows that family travel is the gift that keeps on giving. There’s no limit on the memories you create when traveling as a family, and it gets better every year. In truth, it’s one of the few things you can do with your kids when they’re well into their teens and adult years! Of course, for many of you, that’s a long way away. Instead, we’ll focus on family travel with younger children.

Thus, we arrive at a key topic when planning your trip: where will you stay? Traveling as a family throws up more complications and concerns than traveling alone or as a couple. Therefore, the accommodation options aren’t as diverse as they once were. You have limited places that are suitable, so how do you choose where your family stays? Here are a few major things to consider.


Obviously, you need to find somewhere with enough space for your whole family. Now, this can rule out a few options as they’re simply not convenient. For instance, some hotels in the area might have small rooms or cramped family rooms that just don’t work for you. What if you have a family of 5, 6, or 7?! You can’t possibly stay in the same room, meaning you’d need to pay for multiple rooms in the same hotel. This throws up other concerns, which you’ll see in the next point.

Instead, you have to turn your attention to accommodation options with enough space for your family to feel comfortable. You could consider looking at a house for rent – it will give you more than enough space to enjoy your trip over a few days. Look at your family, think about how much space you need, then seek out suitable options.


Naturally, money is a big part of choosing where to stay. This is why hotels aren’t always the best option for large families. As mentioned above, you may need to book two rooms for your entire family. Instead of paying for one room for a few nights, you now have double the costs! It quickly makes your family holiday far more expensive than it needs to be – and it’s even worse when you consider that you won’t be in the hotel for that much of your trip!

So, work out your budget and find accommodation options that suit it better than others. This will also influence your decision if you want to rent a house or an Airbnb for your trip. Instead of renting a massive villa, you can save money by renting a small apartment.

As a part of your budget, you need to think about cuisine. The budget for your family meals is something you need to consider if you plan to check out local hotspots such as the Marietta Restaurants on The Square if you are visiting Atlanta. Often the food is a part of the attraction of any location so make sure you budget for it.


Keeping your family safe is of the utmost importance for all parents. Once more, this is why some families don’t like staying in separate rooms in a hotel. For starters, you need to get two rooms as close to one another as you can. If this isn’t possible, your family is split up, so there’s more risk of bad things happening. It’s rare, but what if someone breaks into the room where your kids are sleeping? There are also safety concerns surrounding some Airbnb’s or campsites as there might not be any strict security measures.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to discover all the security measures before choosing your accommodation. A key safety aspect is where the place is situated – is it in a rough part of town or somewhere that’s generally deemed safe?

Trip duration

The final factor is your trip duration. Now, this is pretty critical as it influences the cost of your accommodation. If you’re going away for a weekend, you suddenly have more options than if you’re away for two weeks. Staying in a hotel for two nights is nowhere near as expensive as booking one for two weeks! As such, it could be a more suitable option if you’re on a short trip.

Likewise, some accommodation options have minimum stay times. For example, a lot of campsites or short-term rentals have a 3-night minimum. If you’re not staying for that long, these options are crossed out for you.

All in all, you need to consider all four of these points before choosing where to stay during your trip. Think about how much space your family has, consider how long you’ll be staying, then work on finding the safest options within your budget. It sounds complicated, but you soon narrow down the possibilities and find the best places to stay.