Top 5 international destinations that are gay & family-friendly

People swimming at a tropical destination

By: Sally Norton

Finding a perfect vacation spot as an LGBTQ family can be quite a challenge. While being gay is becoming more and more acceptable these days, awkward travel situations are still an occurrence. Having children, you want nothing but to avoid these episodes, and the only way to do so is to visit a place that's proven to be gay family-friendly. Luckily, much like there are certain domestic destinations you can comfortably visit, there are also many those abroad. Here, we bring you our top 5 international destinations that are gay & family-friendly.


Aruba has been long known as a relaxing place with incredibly friendly and easy-going residents, making this Caribbean island especially worth visiting. Combined with otherworldly nature, it's hard not to think of Aruba as a true paradise.

Truth be told, each Caribbean island is equally mesmerizing, so there is no choosing the wrong spot to vacation. Nonetheless, one of them especially grabs the attention of gay families as it's considered one the least conservative. Of course, we're talking about Aruba. The area's LGBTQ-friendly attitude has a lot to do with its Dutch roots - considering the Netherlands was among the first countries in the world that legalized same-sex marriage.

If you are worried that there'd be nothing for your family to do in Aruba, don't be! The place is packed with entertainment opportunities. If given a chance, snorkeling and diving are both something you should definitely give a shot. While at it, you'll get a chance to soak up the unbeatable views of lush sea life, crystal clear waters, and white sand beaches.

Especially exciting for kids is the Aruba Butterfly Farm. The place is home to thousands of butterflies, constantly swirling through the air. Your kids will love this exhibit, and we're sure you won't leave disappointed either!


A turtle swimming in the waters of Aruba, one of the best international destinations that are gay & family-friendly

The waters of Aruba are known for incredibly diverse sea life. You can experience this yourself by taking up snorkeling or diving in the area.

Barcelona, Spain

There's no talking about the top 5 international destinations that are gay & family-friendly without mentioning Barcelona - the capital of Spain. After all, it was one of the first countries in the world to legalize same-sex marriage! Members of the LGBTQ community will find themselves particularly welcome in the district of Eixample, which is the city's trendiest neighborhood.

Near Barcelona - half an hour's ride away, to be precise - lies Sitges. This beach town has gained recognition for being especially friendly to gay families. We recommend you visit one of the many beaches during the day. At night, though, you may find yourselves wanting to take a trip to the Room Escape Sitges, which both you and the little ones will love!

Now, back to Barcelona. While indeed a great vacation spot, you might even decide to call international movers to help you start over abroad as an LGBTQ family. Thanks to a variety of wonderful, sandy beaches, divine architecture, and attractions, there's no way any member of your squad will ever get bored! If you were to take up relocating from the US to Spain's capital, however, arm yourself with patience as it might take a bit of time to secure the documents.

Eixample, a famous district in Barcelona.

Barcelona is considered one of the top 5 international destinations for LGBT families. One district, in particular, is more welcoming towards homosexuals - Eixample.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

There's hardly a European city more open to gay families than Amsterdam. LGBTQ+ safety isn't something to be concerned about here, as the city has a history of legally protecting all of its residents. And travelers! The wonderful thing about this place is that you don't require a car to tour all over it! The entire city is paved, making walking around more than possible. To experience Amsterdam from the shoes of a true local, though, opt for a bike tour. After all, we all know how much Dutch people love cycling!

As far as kid-appropriate activities go, one of our top 5 international destinations, Amsterdam, doesn't disappoint! Take your children for a trip down memory lane by visiting Anne Frank House. It's where they will get to familiarize themselves with a bit of World War II history, as seen through the eyes of a teen Holocaust victim.

The Van Gogh Museum is also a popular tourist attraction, though you may wonder why kids might find it exciting. Well, it's because each week, the museum hosts a daily event during which it gives youngsters a chance to create their own canvases. Interesting, right?

While Amsterdam is truly a unique place to travel to, it tends to get rather busy during peak season. To avoid crowds, it's best visited in April and May, or between September and November.

A bridge overlooking one of the many Amsterdam canals.

Amsterdam - the heart and soul of the Netherlands - is best toured by bike

Sydney, Australia

Despite being famous in the gay world for its vibrant night scene, Sydney is in no way less welcoming to LGBTQ families. Attractions such as Taronga Zoo, Sydney Harbour, and the Bondi beach are only some of the testaments to that!

Should you ever visit the capital of Australia, consider staying at Hyatt Regency Sydney. Not only is this hotel 100% non-discriminatory towards gay families, but it's also totally kid-friendly! It's thought of as the biggest waterside retreat in the entire country, too. As a bonus, various amenities are located just a short walking distance from the hotel. Thanks to that, the city is easy to explore even on foot!

Stockholm, Sweden

Last but not least on our list of top 5 international destinations that are gay & family-friendly is Stockholm. Unlike the rest, Sweden's capital is a bit on the colder side. If you don't mind the harsher temperatures, it's definitely worth checking out. Being the host of one of the largest Pride Parades in the world, you bet it's heavily LGBTQ-oriented. It's also perfect for the little ones, thanks to various children's attractions. On the ever-popular green island of Djurgården, for example, kids can explore The Viking Museum, Junibacken, and the Vasa Museum. Getting there's never been easier, too, since public transportation can get you literally anywhere you want to go. On the plus side, if you bring a stroller, you'll even get a free ride.