Villa Vibes: Why Your Next Summer Vacation Should Be in a Luxurious Villa

If you’re like me, you’re already thinking about next year’s summer vacation. One thing that always stumps me after choosing a destination is what kind of accommodation we’re going to stay in? There’s so much to choose from, whether it’s an apartment, a hotel, a villa, camping, or even a caravan! All come with their own perks and add to the overall feel of the vacation. While all are great options, today I’m going to talk about why a villa is a fantastic choice and why I think you should consider one for next year’s vacation.

Blue Lounger Beside Swimming Pool


It’s no secret that renting out a luxury pool villa will cost you a pretty penny or two. However, if you’re travelling with a large group of people, splitting the price of the villa may actually work out cheaper than renting out separate apartments or hotel rooms. So, if you and your friends are planning a big vacation next year, consider a villa to not only have a luxurious pad when you’re away but also save money!

The views

Villas are well known for being situated in the most breathtaking locations. Whether you’re looking for something secluded high in the mountains overlooking a cosy town or you’d prefer a beachfront villa, you’re guaranteed to be looking out onto stunning views. Even if you find a villa right in the middle of a city, villas tend to be more secluded so you’ll still get the feelings that you’re a million miles away.


One thing is for sure, hotels cannot offer you the privacy that villas can. While it’s unlikely that anyone would burst into your hotel room, there are always cleaners refreshing your towels. Even when you leave the room, you have to share the hotel’s resort with other holiday makers. If you’re looking to have some independence and privacy from the outside world, a villa is a fantastic option. If you choose to rent a villa with a pool and a gym, you can enjoy those amenities without having to share it with other people!


Lack of space when on vacation may not bother some people, but trust me when I say that once you’ve experienced the difference between small hotel rooms and renting out your own luxurious villa, you’ll never want to go back. Think of large open plan kitchen areas, marble as far as the eye can see, and large bedrooms with plenty of space. Plus, if you choose to rent a villa with a pool you’re in the heart of luxury.


Finally, speaking of luxury throughout this post made me think that I need to give more of a nod to how luxurious a villa really is. If you work hard, you deserve to enjoy your vacation time. So, the next time you’re thinking about where to go and what to book for your summer vacation, keep renting a villa in mind. For some, renting a villa will be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so grab that opportunity and relax in the height of luxury.