Why Pick an All-Inclusive Resort for Your Holiday

View of an all-inclusive resort poolside

By: Elia Davis

We all deserve a little time off to relax, clear our minds and get away from the troubles of our busy everyday lives. If spending time at home is your way of resting, that’s amazing as well, but the best way to truly relax is by going on a stunning vacation. It doesn’t matter if you go with your family or friends. What truly matters is the quality time you spend. Speaking of quality time, one thing you should do that will truly lift your holiday to another level is to pick an all-inclusive resort. Let us tell you why.

What is an all-inclusive?

In all-inclusive resorts, you pay a fixed amount for the opportunity to enjoy all the facilities the resort offers at no additional cost. Most of the time package includes flights, transportation to and from the airport, entertainment, tips, water sports, and gyms, in addition to accommodation, meals, and beverages. But carefully read what the offer incorporates. Additional activities and excursions outside the resort, not included in the package, can be extra charged.
Also, when choosing, note that there are different all-inclusive resorts for various vacation interests. Some are perfect for families, and some for adults and couples. Some offer you a peaceful and private beach in the shade of palm trees, while others offer excursions to important cultural, historical, or natural sites. Therefore, it is wise to seek the help of experienced professionals in the selection, which allow you to choose the right resort for you at the right price.

A girl relaxing on the beach

Your only job is to relax and enjoy every moment of your vacation

Time to relax

Organizing a trip is hard labor. We spend hours and hours searching for suitable accommodation, reading internet reviews and wondering if you can trust them. And that's only part of the job. You still have to book plane tickets, find restaurants, and plan meals, organize activities and entertainment. Not to mention how things can sometimes go in a direction we didn't expect. Booking an all-inclusive holiday package frees you from all this. Resorts that offer this type of package will take care of everything. Designed to make you feel like you are in paradise from the moment you land at the airport, they allow you to enjoy all kinds of convenience and facilities in one place. Your only job is to relax and enjoy every momentof your vacation. With so much going on in your daily lives, you deserve a few days of peace and pleasure.

Excellent value for money

At first glance, a regular vacation may seem cheaper than an all-inclusive one. However, when you add in the cost of transportation, food and drink, and tours, the sum piles up quickly. All-inclusive vacation allows you to plan your budget more easily because the total amount you need is visible. You already paid all expenses, and all you have to do is show up. Of course, you can afford some additional indulgence or arrange an adventure at your own expense. But there is little chance that unforeseen circumstances will increase your costs beyond the planned ones. If you consult with the right travel agency, you can save a lot of money without losing the quality of your vacation. They will help you choose the right destination or take advantage of last-minute offers. All-inclusive vacations can be very cost-effective, especially for families.

Increased security

You must have been in a situation where you wanted to visit some attractive destination, but you weren't sure how safe they were. We are particularly wary if we are traveling with our family. In that case, the best option for you is definitely an all-inclusive resort. Most of them are surrounded by security fences with security present 24 hours a day. Entry is not allowed to anyone who should not be there. Families can take advantage of childcare options. Trained and experienced staff will make sure they are safe and entertained if you want to dedicate a few hours to yourself.

A group of friends on the beach

All-inclusive resort can offer excursions where you can meet new people.

Picking an all-inclusive resort gives you a chance to make new friends

To have good friends is truly a blessing. So, what better souvenir to bring from a vacation than a new friendship? As we mentioned, all-inclusive resorts often offer excursions as a form of entertainment for the guests. In our opinion, it is the best amusement you can have on a vacation.
You are constantly surrounded by people on these excursions. So, it is only logical that you will make connections. You will have a chance to meet not only people from your country but people from other parts of the world, as well. Making new friends means getting to know other cultures, traveling, seeing new things, and expanding your knowledge about the world. Who knows, maybe you get to like those other places so much that you decide to live there?

pumpkin soup being poured into small pumpkins

The resort you are staying in will most likely serve you meals that are characteristic of the place you are visiting.

Culture, food, and drinks

One of the best things about all-inclusive resorts is that everything is taken care of. Food, drinks, adventure trips – everything is included for your entertainment. If you are visiting a faraway country that you haven’t visited before, the resort you are staying in will most likely serve you meals that are characteristic of the place you are visiting. That is a good way to try something new. On the planned trips you will see the most famous historical monuments, so you will get to know about the culture as well. If you are coming with your family or friends, this kind of experience will be even more fun. And you'll get all that for much lower prices than if you were to pay for everything separately.

Final words

If you plan on going on a vacation, consider choosing an all-inclusive resort. It will be better for you financially, of course, but there are other benefits as well. Whether you plan to travel with your family, friends, or alone – it doesn’t matter. You will have the best time and certainly won’t regret your decision. You will get to eat, drink, make friends and have fun as it should be on every vacation.


Author’s bio: Elia Davis was a manager of a popular all-inclusive resort. She is very social and likes talking to people and learning about different cultures. She now works at number1movers.ca, but her goals haven’t changed. She gives people proper advice about moving since she has a lot of experience in that field.