How To Deal With “Traveller Commuter Time”

Woman walking in airport

Travelling can be a truly life-affirming experience that speaks to you on a profound level. Most would admit, however, that a 12 hour flight, a long train through the middle of nowhere, and intensive bus rides can be less enjoyable than say, laying on a beach, climbing a mountain, or learning about ancient history.

There’s a fair amount of dead time that comes with travel, and this can be tolerable, as it gives you time to reset and recharge a little, or to learn a little more about the place you’re visiting through books (if you can read on the move without feeling motion sickness). 

That said, sometimes, you just have to kill a little time. Not every second can be some eye-opening, highly memorable effort. In this post, then, we’ll discuss how to deal with traveller commuter time in the best way, so that you gain something from the effort.

Podcasts & Streaming Music Are Great Travel Companions

Listening to podcasts while travelling can be a terrific way to learn new things or pass the time. They also contribute to the feeling of companionship, as if you have someone to chat with while travelling. In addition to being a terrific way to pass the time while travelling, music may also help you feel relaxed or energised depending on how you’re feeling. That latter part can be quite inspirational – as listening to the cultural and traditional music of the culture you’re visiting can be ideal. History and culture beamed directly into your ears before visiting a place is a great way to spend time.

Journaling Or Note-Taking

While travelling, keeping a journal or taking notes can be a terrific way to pass the time. It might be a terrific method to keep track of your feelings, thoughts, and experiences while you’re away. It can also be a fantastic method to think back on your experiences and understand yourself better. You can also use this time to prepare for the future and arrange your thoughts. This is also quite a rustic and comforting way to keep your notes as opposed to only taking pictures or recording everything, because you have to be careful about how you wish to recall events as sentence structure can help you get the best of your perceptions.

Catch Up On Your Favourite Shows

Another approach to pass the time while travelling is to watch your favourite series. Several streaming services now allow users to download their content for offline viewing, allowing you to watch shows and movies without an internet connection. This can be a great way to pass the time on a long train or flight ride. A series you’ve been meaning to catch up on can also be watched in its entirety during this time, as can new content. With a VPN, you can even watch HBO Max outside US zones but still get the content of that region, and this goes for other streaming services too. Like the music we recommended, it can be informative and fun to watch a show from the place you’re visiting. With subtitles, you can truly go global. Of course, this tip requires a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

With this advice, you’re sure to deal with traveller commuter time in the best way.