7 Ways to Experience Seoul Like a Local

A pagoda in a prak

Need some suggestions for things to do that will make you experience Seoul like a local? Stop stressing. We’ve got your back. The futuristic surge South Korea has been experiencing in recent years is captured in Seoul. After suffering severe damage during the Korean War, Seoul was rebuilt at a rate similar to that of Chinese urban centers. Modern skyscrapers have risen on either side of the few prewar buildings still surviving. The population of Seoul has increased dramatically over the years and now stands at close to 12 million. Incheon bounds it to the west and Bukhansan National Park to the north.

Visit the best kids’ parks in the city

For a family outing, consider taking kids to Lotte World Adventure. It is home to the largest indoor theme park in the world. Just be sure to pack light when traveling with your kids. The Premium Magic Pass allows you to skip the lines for up to 10 rides. The park’s Adventure App lets you know how long the wait will be. A stroll around Seokchon Lake Park (the lake is in the shape of figure eight) is a great way to unwind in the springtime amidst cherry blossoms and in the fall among the pyrotechnic leaves. Then, from April to September, catch a baseball game at Jamsil Stadium. It is the oldest stadium in Korea, where games are played six nights a week. Unwind in the lap of luxury at Signiel Seoul. It is perched high above the city in the Lotte World Tower.

Go over to Bukchon Hanok village

The historical Bukchon Hanok Village is close by, so visiting both the Palace and the village after that will help you experience Seoul like a local. Located north of the Cheonggye Stream, this traditional Korean hamlet gets its name from its geographical position.

Traditional Korean houses, or hanok, may be abundant here, making for a picturesque and inhabited community. Some of these hanoks are now used as museums, restaurants, and inns so foreigners can experience Korean culture firsthand.

Experiencing Korean BBQ is a must

The silver ventilation tubes that hang like chandeliers over table grills at Korean barbecue restaurants are a telltale sign of the country’s favorite pastime. They take orders based on the cut of meat you’d like, and they have several different vegetable sides to choose from. Maple Tree House is a one-of-a-kind barbeque joint that welcomes solo and significant party patrons (ribs). Hanwoo, the Korean equivalent of Japanese Wagyu beef, is what Born & Bred focuses on. The underground hideout houses a simple dining spot, an upscale omakase restaurant, and a specialized butcher shop. This kind of eating out is what Koreans do, and it is sure to help you experience Seoul like a local. If anything, this will make you want to move to South Korea. And if you do want to relocate from NYC, for instance, begin planning the move by looking for the best international movers.

Go shopping in Myeongdong

Korean beauty trends have taken the world by storm, and there is a vast, uncharted universe of Korean-inspired cosmetics, application techniques, and beauty products to explore. Many tourists to Seoul spend hours in Myeongdong, a shopping district known for its great cosmetics and beauty supply stores. There are stores selling everything you can imagine and a million other items you didn’t know you needed. In addition to the salons and spas, there is a wide selection of shops selling clothing, footwear, and general wares. So if you are itching for a good shopping trip, find the perfect luggage and set off to South Korea.

Seoul street at night

If you want to experience Seoul like a local, shop like a local.

Experience the past at Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace is a must-see in Seoul for its stunning buildings, serene pagodas, and bewildering gardens. Built-in the 14th century during the reign of the powerful Joseon Dynasty. The palace is severely damaged because of the Imjin War of the 16th century. It was rebuilt during the 18th century. Gyeongbokgung, the royal palace in Seoul, is Korea’s largest and most beautiful palace.

Watch the guard changing at the Royal Guard Post in front of the massive Gwanghwamun Gate. Then, take a stroll through the grounds and take in the beautiful ponds, gazebos, and cherry trees. On the palace grounds, you may find the National Folk Museum of Korea, which features Korean folk art and culture exhibits.

Seoul palace at night.

The Royal Palace in Seoul will amaze you with its beauty.

Look over the whole city from N Seoul tower

In 1969, construction began on N Seoul Tower, also known as Namsan Seoul Tower, to use it to broadcast television and radio signals. Today, it serves as a popular tourist attraction. You should also make sure that you travel safely. Don’t be in too much of a hurry. Read up on some general tips for safe trips and enjoy yourself.

The view is stunning, but in my opinion, you should only visit on a weekday to avoid the crowds. Weekends may make you feel like you’re in a busy mall. Therefore everyone is taking pictures of themselves in front of a fake tower, to the point where you might not even notice the entertainment projected into a wall.

The line to get a ticket can get quite considerable on the weekends. For this reason, if you can’t avoid coming on the weekend. It is recommended to get a skip-the-line ticket so you can avoid the hassle of taking public transportation up the hill and standing in line.

Tower with lights in Seoul.

For the best view over Seoul, visit Namsan Seoul Tower.

Go to a traditional spa

Cimer combines the lovely traditional sauna experience with the luxury of a Western spa. It will help you experience Seoul like a local. This spa is an ideal alternative to Korea’s famous jjimjilbang (sauna spas) etiquette. The 85°C Bulgama (kiln fire) chamber at the top of this three-story water bath is sure to put you in a zen state of mind, and you can take a break in the Ice Room for some much-needed chill time before venturing down to explore the rest of the facility. Aquafield, located in the enormous shopping complex Starfield Hanam, features indoor and outdoor water parks where kids can splash. At the same time, their parents unwind in one of more than a dozen relaxation and dry sauna zones.