Gays With Kids Spring Breaks

Love is Love

By: Sally Norton

Not long ago, it was impossible to imagine a loving gay couple holding hands in public. Today, thanks to all the brave souls of LGBTQ+ members and allies, the world is finally ready to paint a rainbow across the sky, loud and proud. Nowadays, we have worries like every family, like stressing about where we’ll go with our kids on spring break. The Gays With Kids Spring Break is a great way to eliminate the stress of family vacation planning and we are working to build more opportunities for gay family travel. It’s important to advocate for more similar opportunities in the future too. Here’s why.

The feeling of belonging

Children with two dads or two moms never lack love and care on their parents’ side. But, depending on the child’s age, it might be difficult for them to emotionally comprehend being a minority in any way. A part of a child’s development psychology is finding their identity through belonging to a group. So, one of the challenges gay parents face as a minority in parenting society is explaining to curious kids in their sensitive development years why and how exactly they are different from their friends’ parents, especially in environments without other gay parents. It doesn’t have anything to do with the parenting skills or love you provide. There are just years in kids’ life when they want to be the same as their friends and feel insecure about everything that makes them different.

Also, kids can be cruel and misguided. Just like those bullies from your high school, there can be a frustrated kid with a lack of good parenting in your kid’s class. That’s why engaging in communities and activities with other gay parents and your kids are important. A sense of unity is vital for them to feel emotionally connected to the group and themselves. That way, they’ll feel more welcome and less insecure in every other space and situation.

A kid in school.

School can be hard on every kid – they’re in vulnerable years when they want to belong in a group.

It’s beneficial in many ways

Going on spring breaks with your kids is important to fortify your connection with them. There’s an ocean of possibilities for LGBTQ+ travelers. Spring breaks are fun and relaxing, and therefore it will be easier to help your kids open up and talk about any issues they might be facing. When you can hop on a ‘gay parents only’ arrangement, it can be even more beneficial. A sense of unity and belonging will definitely give your kids more confidence.

This is important for you too

Every parent, no matter their sexual orientation, faces a lot of challenges in day-to-day life. Sometimes, issues you face can be different than those that straight parents face. That might make you a bit insecure in your own parenting skills. But, when you spend time around a lot of other gay parents that share the same problems, it can be comforting. Sharing experiences and parenting stories can help you solve problems and boost your confidence as a parent.

Gays with kids spring breaks.

It’s important to have people with similar experiences to share them with.

‘Gays with kids spring breaks’ are a great way to relax

When you become a parent, it’s easy to forget that you are still human. Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs in the world, and the harder the job – the longer the vacation should be. That’s why we created the Gays With Kids Spring Break to include as many relaxing activities for different types of people. You can choose, for example:

  • spending day in aqua park
  • arts-and-craft classes
  • doing science experiments
  • cooking sessions
  • mini theater performances

The whole concept is constructed in a way that many different personalities can enjoy it with plenty of family friendly activities, GWK Exclusives and Dad time. These arrangements are great opportunities to relax in your own way and recharge.

Gays With Kids Spring Break 2023

Gays With Kids Spring Break 2023- Nickelodeon Rivera Maya

A little party never killed nobody

The good thing about these arrangements is that after bonding with your kids all day, you can send them to Club Nick and have some time for yourself. Parents often forget how important it is to keep in touch with themselves in all the stress that parenting brings. That’s why it’s good to take advantage of the kid’s club and have some time for yourself. Go out, have fun and socialize with other gay parents. It will be good for you and your partner to forget about all the worries and reconnect with your wilder sides that were lost when the kids came. A little party never killed nobody, and a little romance afterward certainly won’t hurt.

It’s important to know your destination

Travel Brilliant is always here to guide your vacation planning to help you choose destinations that are safe and welcoming. The critical thing to remember is to check out LGBTQ-friendly travel places first. That way, you’ll avoid some unexpected and unpleasant situations. Also, there is a better chance that more gay parents will be there, so you can get to know them and socialize like you would on an arranged vacation.

Sometimes, it’s nice to take on a challenge and arrange a vacation by yourself and sail into an adventure with your partner and kids. ‘Gays with kids spring break’ sounds much more fun.

Final thoughts

Having a Gays With Kids Spring Breaks  might not seem like a big deal at first glance, but it is! The fact that they exist means that gay parents are finally getting their basic right to have a normal and fulfilled life with their kids, with no fear. It also gives us hope that the issues we face right now will be long gone and forgotten soon, like the issues we faced not many decades ago. It gives us hope that love will prevail. So, enjoy every single precious moment of your spring break with your kids, and let’s all fight together for many more to come.