Must-have items for long flights

Must-have items for long flights

By: Sally Norton

Flying for a long time can be tiresome, which is why we all want to feel comfortable and relaxed. Plenty of items are not allowed to carry on a flight, so we made a list of some essential items for long flights you should consider packing. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, you’ll want to have a few essentials with you at all times. Before you book your holiday arrangement with the travel agency, consider packing the following must-have items for long flights.

Sleeping mask

A sleeping mask can keep your eyes and neck covered from light and can keep in-flight entertainment screens from disturbing your sleep. Some masks come with a convertible travel pillow, which means you can sleep without a face pillow. For example, if you are traveling as a single parent, a good sleeping mask can help you take a nap and regenerate. Long flights with kids can be tiring, so you should create a space to relax and enjoy your time. Besides the mask, you can invest in earplugs to drown out the noise of airplanes and help maintain your sleep cycle. And it’s also a great way to protect your eyes from blue light.

Reusable water bottle

If you’re planning long flights, consider bringing a reusable water bottle with you. It’s worth the weight in gold – and the added convenience of refilling it at airport water fountains and restaurants is priceless! Attaching the bottle to your belt loop or bag is easy, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet. Additionally, reusable water containers can be frozen for cold water on long flights.

passengers on a plane.

Pack items that will help you relax and enjoy the flight.

The most important factor to consider is whether it can hold liquids. Before boarding a plane, you might not want to carry a water bottle that’s too small – you don’t want to be unable to drink from it! However, some airline companies restrict the size of the bottle (and liquid) you’re allowed to bring. Reusable bottles are available in many styles, including spill-proof and leak-proof ones.

Toiletry kit

When you take a long flight, you’ll need a toiletry kit to keep your essentials organized and in pristine condition. This is why you should pack the kit that includes everything you need. It should consist of toothbrushes, toothpaste, moisturizer, and a handy hook to hang your bag. You can even use it to hold your cell phone. You’ll never have to worry about losing or misplacing your essential toiletry items again.

Some toiletry kits feature multiple interior pockets and are approved for the 3-one-one liquid rule. Also, these kits feature a large compartment for various toiletries and a smaller zippered pocket for tablets or medicines. While it may seem a little bulky, toiletry kits like these are easy to clean and have multiple compartments for storing your essentials.


Before you book your travel and start packing, you should not miss bringing one of your favorite books. These are not items you would want to miss while taking a long flight. Not only will these items help you stay focused, but they can also be used to write down important details. A pen is also essential for filling out incoming passenger forms. Having one on hand will ensure you don’t get stuck in a long queue.

a person holding an e-reader.

If you prefer using electronic devices, you can always choose e-readers. These have portable battery chargers, which can be helpful on a long flight. There are many apps for e-books, including Audible, with thousands of titles available for free. You can also purchase traditional language handbooks for a low monthly fee. If you’re going to be in a foreign country, it can be helpful to learn a few phrases in the language of the destination so you can get by with basic language knowledge.


Inflight magazines are a staple of the air travel experience, but the recession has put a damper on that trend. Several airlines have resorted to removing in-flight magazines from seat-back pockets. For example, American Airlines continues to publish its American Way magazine. British Airways, meanwhile, has discontinued printing the magazine. Because of this, you would want to bring your magazines to read and relax during a long flight.

Compression socks

If you have to pack for traveling abroad, you might want to consider packing compression socks. People who suffer from insufficient blood circulation say that these socks help them feel better during long flights. These items can increase blood circulation in the legs when you sit for extended periods, including driving or sitting in a seat. Plus, they are stylish and comfortable to wear! While you should consider a few things before purchasing compression socks, the most important factors are their compression level and style. Uniform compression socks are more comfortable, and graduated compression socks are snugger around the ankle.

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In case you are flying on a moving day, make sure to plan your trip in advance.

How can you prepare for a long-distance flight?

Whether taking a long flight for holidays or moving to your new home, flying for a long time is never easy. Unless you can sleep through the entire flight, you might want to bring some must-have items with you. The best thing you can do is to start preparing early, especially if you’re wondering how to prepare family for interstate travel. While the moving company ships your belongings, you and your family will feel stressed because of the moving day. You can’t bring any food (except baby formula) with you, but you can pack some of the must-have items on our list. Pack a water bottle, an exciting book, and your favorite pillow or sleeping mask.

Making a plan for your long-distance flight is always a good idea. If you book a flight via a traveling agency, this experience will be much easier. If you prepare and pack all your essentials, you’ll be able to enjoy your time on the plane and avoid unnecessary stress.