How To Pick A Honeymoon Destination

A wedding isn’t complete without a honeymoon. It’s the first time a newly married couple will be able to spend time together without thinking about their wedding all the time. It’s the best way to ease into married life, and it can be a great way to reconnect after months of planning and stressing.

Still, it can be hard to choose the right place for a honeymoon. It’s fun, but there are so many different kinds of vacations to choose from that it can be just as hard as picking a dress, rings, venue, and photographer. So here are some tips that will help you choose the right honeymoon spot for you without making life complicated.

List The Must Haves

The word “honeymoon” can mean a lot of different things, from staying close to home to going on a luxurious trip around the world. Making a list is the best way to start to narrow down your choices and figure out what will work best for both of you. Make each list separately, then compare them to see what they have in common.

Your “must haves” for a honeymoon should be on the list. It’s possible you want:

  •       A beach vacation
  •       A trip to a city
  •       A chance to relax
  •       An adventure
  •       Fantastic food
  •       To visit a certain place or thing
  •       To explore

Write down what you want to happen. When you compare the lists, you can figure out what will work best for you as a couple and what you will enjoy doing the most. There are so many options that you shouldn’t have to settle, but if you’re on a tight budget, you might have to change a few things.

Set a Budget

As was briefly said above, your budget is an important thing to think about when planning your honeymoon. There’s no reason to spend more than you can afford and start your married life in debt (especially if your wedding has already cost a lot of money). It’s best to set a budget you feel good about and stick to it.

So, you will have combined your lists of must-haves into one that you can both agree on, and you will know which places meet all of your needs. Now, get rid of anything that isn’t in your budget. You’ll probably still have a lot of options, but they’ll be narrowed down, which is helpful when you can’t decide.


When you have a short list of places you might want to go on your honeymoon, it’s time to do some serious research. Check out reviews on the Internet that talk about the country in general and the resort you are most interested in, as well as the hotel, campsite, or other place you are thinking of staying.

Find out more about how people there live, how clean the hotels are, what the food is like, and how much things cost before you go. Make it really specific, such as researching Costa Rica weather to ensure you’re visiting your chosen destination at the best time of year.

 After doing your research, you might find that a place you thought would be great won’t be all that fun or that a place you weren’t sure about sounds great after you learn more about it.

What Time Of Year Will You Be Going?

Something that does need to be checked is the time of year you are going on your honeymoon. Before you can decide where to go on your honeymoon, you need to know when you’re going.

Like weddings, honeymoon spots have busy times and slow times that are mostly based on the weather. Also, the time of year changes the things you want to do and some of the amenities you want.

Some hotels and resorts are better at certain times of the year than at other times. Also, they might have special prices during certain times of the year, which is great if you are on a tight budget.

If the place you want to go isn’t available – or affordable – just after your wedding, you can always opt to delay your honeymoon and go later in the year. Not only could this get you a better deal, but you will be able to save more money to pay for it too.

What Type Of Accommodation?

Once you know where you want to go and when, you need to find a hotel or resort that fits your budget. With so many hotels to choose from, it’s a good idea to compare hotel prices online at a large hotel price comparison site where you can also read reviews and find the best hotel deals. This makes sure that you get the best hotel deals from the best booking sites in the world.