Essential Travel Advice For Blossoming Photographers

As a photographer, you’ll know that taking pictures of the world around you, no matter if that involves landscapes, human or animal subjects, or simply abstract and artistic representations will always involve the world around you. For this reason, even photographers who focus on one discipline of photography in their professional lives (such as fashion photography), can benefit from training their craft by exploring the world and finding interesting subjects to capture.

This means that good photographers tend to travel, or will at least bring a camera with them when they do so. For this reason, it’s important to be careful and cautious when putting together your travel kit, doing so in a manner that can help you keep everything you need to hand, while also allowing you the freedom to chase shots that mean something to you. 

If we can achieve this all while reducing our unnecessary expenses, then that’s a great idea too. In this post, we’ll discuss how to achieve exactly that, and the degree to which it will matter. Without further ado, please consider:

Stick To Approved Routes

Stick to approved walking routes to the degree that you can, unless you know the way is safe. While it might seem tempting to climb up that mountain alone at the crack of dawn, it could be that loose rocks, drops, or other issues can put you in harm’s way. There’s no photograph so beautiful that it’s worth becoming injured for. Always make sure you’re responsible in your route planning and that you even have the right to occupy that space, as private property access without permission can also land you in trouble.

Invest In The Right Equipment

It’s good to invest in the right equipment for travel. Hard shell cases that protects your gear during international flights, bags that can secure your lenses and other sensitive items, as well as good footwear so you can traverse off-road is key. We’d also recommend you back up certain necessities, such as a hidden money pouch, bringing 18650 batteries with you on an expedition for your flashlight or other equipment, and appropriate day to day gear like raincoats and skin creams should you need them.

Insure Your Belongings

Insuring your belongings ahead of time can help you avoid a true financial knock should one of your pieces become stolen or damaged on the way. Travel photography requires sensitive equipment, and a smashed lens or a dropped camera can bring with them real professional trouble for some. If you have all-encompassing and pre-inventoried insurance, you can make sure that your claim is less difficult than it might otherwise be. Just knowing that this is accommodated grants you peace of mind when abroad, and can help you focus on the experience itself and the chance to take wonderful photography. Perhaps it might become featured on a site similar to ours!

With this advice, we believe that you’ll be able to travel as a novice or experienced photographer alike, moving forward with the best of your wanderlust wisdom.