Travel Brilliant Named Gays With Kids Travel Expert

GWK Travel Expert


We've been dying to share this update and now we finally can. Travel Brilliant has been selected as Gays With Kids travel expert!

GWK Experts are “Partners to Fatherhood”. Each participant in the program has been properly vetted and have a long and proven track record successfully and passionately supporting LGBTQ+ family building.

Travel Brilliant is an LGBT+ friendly, full-service agency specializing in customized multi-generation family travel. We save you time and shoulder the stress of planning the perfect family vacation by creating personalized packages and itineraries for your needs.

We offer custom itineraries for travelers who fall under the (extremely broad) LGBTQIA label. We focus on creating awe-inspiring travel experiences with safety and acceptance as our leading priorities. Travel Brilliant works hard to find journeys and destinations that offer the splendor and luxury, comfort and security, all travelers—regardless of their sexuality or gender expression—deserve.

Travel Brilliant is a proud member of IGLTA (International LGBTQ+ Travel Association). IGLTA was founded in 1983 and is the world's leading network of LGBTQ+-welcoming tourism businesses. IGLTA’s members include LGBTQ+-friendly accommodations, transport, destinations, service providers, Travel Advisors, tour operators, events and travel media in over 75 countries.

About Gays With Kids

Gays With Kids Vision: A world in which every queer man is able to pursue his dreams of fatherhood supported by family, friends and the law.

Gays With Kids Mission: To inspire, inform and guide gay, bi and trans men throughout their journey of family building, and then to support these dads to live their best authentic lives while navigating fatherhood.

Gays With Kids was born in 2014, and we are the world’s largest and only resource, website and social network dedicated exclusively to serving the needs of gay, bi and trans dads and dads-to-be.

At GWK, we set out to inspire and educate future dads; to build a community founded on truth, love and support; and to change the hearts and minds of our family, neighbors and colleagues. Together, we will conquer any challenges that come our way with confidence and pride.