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Visitor Information

Have all your questions answered about what it’s like to be a visitor to Bermuda by getting in touch with the island’s Tourism Authority. The Government-run department can offer help and advice on the best places to stay and visit. The Bermuda tourism website also offers lots of travel deals and has a calendar of events so you can plan your days and nights with the locals. If you are heading to St. George’s in the East End, the St. George’s Foundation can help you find your way around the Old Town.


Bermuda Tourism Authority. 441/296–9200; 800/223–6106;

St. George's Foundation. 441/297–8043;

Online Travel Tools

One of the best Bermuda websites is Bermuda-online, which offers information on every aspect of life on the island, from history to transportation. The Tourism Authority’s website is especially helpful during the initial stages of vacation planning. has a great search engine and links to a number of Bermuda-related Web pages, plus listings. The Bermuda Hotel Association’s website has a monthly events calendar and a search function to allow users to find events by date or type. To keep up with current affairs, the island has one daily newspaper: The Royal Gazette . To find out about nightlife offerings, visit Nothing To Do In Bermuda, which will prove that there’s lots to do in Bermuda, if you know where to look. And if you want to check out the types of people you will be partying with, take a look at the photos on the Black and Coke and Bermy Net websites.

All About Bermuda

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