The Best Places To Visit In Europe This Summer

Rome panorama.

By: Sally Norton

Ah, the sweet scent of summer is in the air and Europe beckons with open arms. As the days lengthen and the sun warms the cobblestone streets, the continent transforms into a playground of endless possibilities. Imagine strolling along sun-kissed beaches, indulging in culinary masterpieces that dance on your taste buds, and losing yourself in the rich mosaic of history and culture that only Europe can offer. If you're on the hunt for the perfect summer escapade, look no further. From the frosty peaks of the Alps to the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, Europe holds the key to a spellbinding summer you'll cherish forever. It's calling your name. These are the best places to visit in Europe this summer.

Sun-Soaked Beach Paradises

As the mercury rises, these coastal havens beckon travelers from every corner of the globe to bask in their glory. Venture to the glamorous French Riviera, where the sparkling Mediterranean waters mirror the glitz and glamour of its upscale towns. Feel the irresistible allure of Costa del Sol's golden shores, where beachside parties and vibrant nightlife create an electric atmosphere that never sleeps. Embark on a voyage to the Greek Islands, where pristine beaches framed by ancient ruins and charming white-washed villages invite you to lose yourself in their timeless beauty. Discover the thrill of windsurfing off the Algarve coast, the serenity of a sunset stroll along the Amalfi Coast, and the joy of savoring freshly caught seafood at a beachside taverna in Crete. The journey isn't just about the destination; it's about immersing yourself in the experience.

White house near water.

So many places to visit in Europe this summer.

Historical Wonders and Cultural Riches

Imagine standing before Michelangelo's David in Florence, feeling the weight of history and artistic mastery in a single gaze. But it's not just about landmarks. It's about savoring gelato in a Venetian piazza, getting lost in the labyrinthine alleys of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, and witnessing the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. The fusion of old-world charm with contemporary vibrancy is a reminder that history is not just a relic of the past; it's a living, breathing entity that shapes the present and future. The eternal city of Rome has been drawing in Floridians in their search for a European home. Can you see yourself strolling past the awe-inspiring Colosseum on Sunday afternoons? Call in the pros to help you settle down in Europe. Nothing short of a delight.

Enchanting Countryside Escapes

Speaking of the best places to visit in Europe this summer, think of Tuscany's rolling vineyards, where each hill seems to hold a secret, or the Swiss Alps, where jagged peaks pierce the sky. Transitioning from the bustle to the beauty of the countryside is like exhaling a sigh of relief. Picture yourself cycling along lavender fields in Provence or hiking through the Scottish Highlands, where misty landscapes and hidden lochs unravel with every step. These escapes offer a breath of fresh air, quite literally, as you inhale the scents of wildflowers and pine trees. And don't forget the joy of picnics in emerald meadows, the taste of artisanal cheese in remote villages, and the simple pleasure of watching the sunset paint the sky in hues of gold and pink.

A lake with rocky mountains depicts the best places to visit in Europe this summer.

It really doesn't get any better than this.

Vibrant Festivals and Events

From Spain's tomato-fueled frenzy at La Tomatina to Scotland's artistic explosion at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, these gatherings ignite the senses and create memories that last a lifetime. Imagine dancing under the stars at Tomorrowland, the world's premier electronic dance music festival, or getting lost in the color and rhythm of Notting Hill Carnival in London. These events are more than spectacles; they're cultural showcases inviting you to participate in the spectacle. With street parades, live music, and an atmosphere charged with energy, you'll feel like you're in a movie scene. Booking tickets early is key, as these events draw in crowds from all corners of the globe. As Best Movers in Florida suggest – Go. Have fun. Explore. But remember to rent a storage unit for your precious belongings while away. Better safe than sorry, always!

Savor Every Bite

Europe's culinary scene is a symphony of flavors, and summer is the perfect time to indulge. Start your day with a croissant in a charming Parisian café, then savor tapas in a vibrant Spanish plaza as the sun sets. Transitioning from one culinary treasure to another is like unwrapping a series of delicious surprises. Picture yourself sipping rich Italian espresso in a Florentine square or relishing fresh seafood in a Greek taverna overlooking the sea. Discover the heritage of Hungarian goulash, Spanish paella artistry, and French macarons' elegance. Each bite is a connection to the culture, a conversation with the past, and a toast to the present. From street stalls to Michelin-starred restaurants, every dish is an invitation to savor, celebrate, and create memories with every bite.


You'll savor every single bite.

Quaint Treasures

These locations offer a chance to slow down, connect with locals, and discover the heart and soul of a destination. Imagine wandering through the fairytale streets of Hallstatt, Austria, or admiring the pastel-hued houses of Cinque Terre, Italy. Transitioning from city lights to the cozy glow of village lanterns feels like stepping into a storybook. These places are more than picturesque; they're invitations to explore cobblestone alleys, mingle with friendly villagers, and witness daily life untouched by the rush of modernity. Capture the essence of simplicity as you sip wine in a French countryside bistro or listen to folklore tales in a cozy Irish pub. Embrace the magic of Santorini's blue-domed churches and immerse yourself in traditions that have stood the test of time.


Looking for that ultimate landscape? Myriad places to visit in Europe this summer. Hike through Croatia's Plitvice Lakes, where turquoise waters flow between lush greenery. Or – explore the rugged beauty of the Peak District in England. Marvel at Swiss National Park's alpine grandeur or at the mystical beauty of Iceland's Geysir. The natural wonders remind us of Earth's raw power and ability to create landscapes that stir the soul. These parks aren't just places; they're sanctuaries where you can trek, spot wildlife, and disconnect from the digital noise.