Visiting New Jersey: Where To Go and What To See


Sitting on the other side of the Hudson River, New Jersey is easily accessible from New York via multiple means of transport and is ideal for those wanting to escape the city and have some fun on the shores.

New Jersey has a lot to offer its visitors, much like its more significant, more bustling river neighbor, and those paying a visit can be pleasantly surprised by everything it offers. Whether you book Montclair Limo and Car Service to drive you to and from New York or hop on the ferry, you can expect short travel times and easy access. But when you land in New Jersey, what can you do?

Plenty, actually; it's more than just a funfair trip here, which is 100% worth a visit in its own right, but getting out and exploring can open you up to all the gems New Jersey has to offer.

Atlantic City

A place that needs no explanation, Atlantic City is an attractive draw for those looking for a good time, and a good time can be had here. You can experience all types of leisure activities, including visiting the famous boardwalk, watching live entertainment, shopping till you drop, and more. If you want a livelier trip and something really crazy and fun, Atlantic City is the place to visit.

Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags has to be one of America's most well-known and famous theme parks. Not just one or some of the biggest and most breathtaking rollercoasters, there are many other rides for those who don't like to experience hurtling down a track and being twisted 360 degrees when traveling at speed. Not only this, but there is a waterpark next door for those looking to get their feet wet and enjoy a more water-based type of fun.

Cape May

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living and experience something with a bit more old-world charm and a slower pace to it, then Cape May is ideal. It's really got those beachy vibes that scream at you to slow down and enjoy it, and paired with decadent dining experiences and beachy vibes; this is perfect for those wanting to stop and put their notes in the sand and relax for a while.

Road Trips

If you're planning an extended stay, then you need to be looking at booking a road trip. New Jersey is known as the garden state for a reason, and it has some of the best landscapes and scenery in the country. There are five routes that will take you through breathtaking scenery with views of lakes, The Hudson River, landmarks, pinelands historical locations, and more. New Jersey road trips along one of the many byways can give you the opportunity to explore a little bit more and relax in the beauty of the environment.

Beach Trips

Sandy Hook, Seaside Heights, Point Pleasant Beach, and The Wildwoods are all exceptional beaches to visit with something for everyone. Sandy Hook, for example, has no boardwalk, so it can often be a quieter beach trip than other locations such as Point Pleasant Beach and Seaside Heights is the quieter counterpart to the more rambunctious Seaside Park, which is geared towards younger crowds. But whatever type of beach experience you want, you can find it in New Jersey, no problem.

Remember, when visiting in summer, it can get exceptionally hot, with temperatures known to have exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit at times. Take plenty of sunscreen and cover up when visiting during the warmer weather.


Dining in New Jersey is as eclectic as it is in New York and without much of the hustle and bustle, especially if you venture off the beaten path and find a restaurant or eatery that the locals frequent. Some of the best-rated establishments in New Jersey to dine at include; the every house Restaurant and Edward's SteakHouse for a more refined dining experience. For a taste of local cuisine, you need to try places such as Amelia's Bistro, Lighthouse Tavern, and Honshu, to name a few, or head to the more casual fast-food dining venues that are plentiful across the state.

New Jersey is a complete destination on its own, and for those visiting the Big Apple or making a trip to New Jersey specifically, there is an experience to behold each and every time you step foot in the state. With easy access to New York, stunning coastlines, attractions, and beautiful scenery, New Jersey can hold its own against its more well-known neighbor and then some.