Exploring the Algarve: A Guide to Portugal’s Southern Coastline

A picturesque town you can see when exploring the Algarve.

By: Sally Norton

Portugal is one of those countries with so many positive attributes that everyone can’t help but fall in love with. No matter what your priorities are when you are choosing a travel destination, Portugal is an ideal spot for you. Its phenomenal beaches, a very long and diverse history together with remnants of it, and cuisine and wine quality are just some of the reasons why you should visit it at least once in your lifetime. One of its regions that should be on your must-visit list is Portugal’s southern coastline, also known as Algarve. Here is why you should be exploring the Algarve and what exactly.

Albufeira – one of the most popular towns to visit when exploring the Algarve

In the past decade or so, this diverse town has enjoyed substantial popularity among tourists and locals alike. It began with its old town that attracted people with a unique display of tradition and unique charm only such old and beautiful structures can muster. But with so many happy tourists around, another part of this town developed The Strip – a street filled with bars, nightclubs, and restaurants –at affordable prices.

Those that prefer a bit more of a low-key holiday can consider a newer area of Albufeira. There are also bars and restaurants, but they are a bit less crowded, and the atmosphere is calmer. The most peaceful part is Oura which lies close to the beaches and coves for those that want to spend most of their time soaking up the sun. If all that is not enough for you, countless cruises and excursions in the area will make your holiday there unforgettable.

The beach in Albufeira.

Apart from the very lively nightlife, Albufeira offers a mesmerizing beach experience.

Tavira – a traditional town that will have you lost in history

Crazy nightlife and beautiful beaches are not enough for everyone to make a vacation special. If that applies to you, Tavira may be your perfect holiday destination. It is located on the Gilao River and may be the most authentic town you’ve ever seen.  Its cobbled streets and family-run restaurants exude the distinct mix of Portuguese tradition with a noticeable Moorish influence that may have you stay there for good. In fact, the beauty of Portugal that can be seen in this town and many others makes many people decide to make a great international move there. It is even possible to organize moving on a budget for your international move to Portugal. You can plan an affordable move with ease, so don’t be surprised if, after you visit these sites, you find yourself changing your address.

Faro – an airport city you shouldn’t just breeze through

Exploring the Algarve may take you to a little town known as an airport location. But it is much more than that, and people often overlook its beauty. With the guidance of a knowledgeable travel agent in Faro, you will see some very interesting cultural sites, such as the Faro Bone Chapel, where 1,200 bones are embedded in walls. Also, there are unusual beaches on a large pristine sandbar island you can visit when staying in Faro. If birds interest you, you should go to the adjoining Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, a particular ecosystem relevant to migratory birds and members of marine life. As you can see, this town is anything but boring and irrelevant.

An old structure with columns.

In Faro, so many remnants of the intriguing past await discovery.


Much like Albufeira, Lagos will keep the party animals and those that prefer a vibrant atmosphere very happy. But although a lot of people visit it every year, this town has never given up its identity. It remains traditional with the addition of services that fulfill the needs of modern tourists. It sits between Ponta de Piedade headland and the Rio Alvor nature reserve, which consists of dunes. That is a lot of natural diversity to have you busy with exploration for days. The beaches in Lagos are top-notch. Porto Mos Beach is perfect for surfing, whereas Meia Praia is for relaxing and enjoying your moments in paradise. And by the way, the latter one is 2km which guarantees its visitors the prime spots for everyone.

A lot of digital nomads choose this town as their home. Should you do the same, here’s some advice from moving and storage experts working at Fairfax Transfer and Storage—Don’t drag all your belongings if you want to live abroad for some time. Just take out a storage unit and put what you don’t need there. That will make your nomadic life far easier and more interesting. Soak up the culture and tradition of places like Lagos and try living in that manner. You’d be surprised at how life-changing that can be.

Narrow streets of Lagos

In Lagos, you will fall in love with the distinct Portuguese architecture as much as with everything else.

Praia da Luz – friendly locals, fabulous beaches

When you ask those that have been in this gorgeous place to tell you what they liked most about it, you will hear these attributes constantly repeating: very friendly staff and locals, awesome beaches, and fantastic food. Praia de Luz was a village with fishing as a dominant profession. Today tourism prevails, but that fishing tradition stays to provide exquisite fresh food in local restaurants. People that prefer holidays that focus on beach-going will find this town perfect. But so will those that want to explore the history of the place and the avid party-goers. The vibrant town of Lagos is just 5km away.

That means you can take your whole family there on an interesting multigenerational trip and everyone will be very happy. As for accommodation, there’s a wide choice that includes hotels as well as privately rented villas and apartments. Surely, you’ll find what you are looking for there, whatever it is.


Portugal’s southern coastline allows you to do more than just lounge in the sun and swim in crystal-clear water. It exposes you to a different culture with a long history and a nature you may not have seen before. Whether you want it or not, by exploring the Algarve, you will be immersed in a tradition that will positively transform you. The Algarve, as well as all other regions of Portugal, somehow finds a way to captivate the hearts of everyone who visits it, making them promise to come back again someday. Go there and discover why this is so.