18 Amazon Tech Items That Are Easy to Travel With

18 Amazon Tech Items That Are Easy to Travel With


One major thing I’ve noticed with all my travel, is all the minor inconveniences you have because you’re not at home! For example, there are just simply not enough outlets at airport. This is my list of 18 amazing Amazon tech items that are super easy to travel with and use throughout your trip. Want to know the best part? They’re all under $35 bucks.


Charge All Your Devices At Once With This Donut Power Strip

Donut Power Strip

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Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this Donut Power Strip is a must-have for travel and hotel stays. It has 3 outlets and 3USB ports made to safely charge all of your items together. Just bring your donut, and you’re good to go!


This Hand Warmer Doubles As A Back Up Charger

This Hand Warmer Doubles As A Back Up Charger

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Traveling in the fall and winter months can be really unenjoyable if you get cold easily. This Hand Warmer has three different heating levels and has anti-scald technology, so you can stay warm without the fear of getting burned. Need to charge your phone while you’re out there? This warmer doubles as a backup battery.


What’s A Trip Without A Good Selfie Stick?

Selfie Stick Tripod 

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You heard me – it’s not a trip at all! Kidding. But seriously, this Selfie Stick Tripod is pocket-sized and comes with its own Bluetooth remote, so you won’t have to ask that random stranger to take your picture.


This Neck Reading Light Is Perfect For Dark Planes

Neck Reading Light 

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Planes can get ridiculously dark on those long flights. You can’t be the person that opens your window blinding everyone else; and if we’re being honest, those puny overhead lights just don’t cut it! Get yourself a pair of these top-rated Neck Reading Lights and thank me later.


Cell Phone Stand That’s Also A Bluetooth Speaker

Cell Phone Stand Bluetooth Speaker

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I love me a good two-in-one. This Cell Phone Stand fits perfectly on hotel bedside tables, holding your phone when you charge it and connecting to your Bluetooth devices. I think I’m going to connect mine to my phone so it will play my alarm nice and loud because we all know how comfortable those hotel beds can be!



Keep Up With The Important Stuff With This Bluetooth Tracker

Bluetooth Tracker

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During travel, my carry-on is stuffed, my personal bag is bursting at the seams, and my checked bag is right at the weight limit. With all of that space being used, I’m usually stuck carrying my wallet and phone (and subsequently leaving them places). This Bluetooth Tracker is made to slide, stick, or attach to your important items and be your affordable backup plan.


This Cute Keychain Is Actually A Personal Safety Alarm

Personal Safety Alarm

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At first glance, it just looks like a cute addition to your keys, but this little keychain actually packs an important punch. This Personal Safety Alarm lets out a 130db siren and strobe lights when activated. Helping you deter attackers, draw attention, and get away!


This Smart Watch Is An Affordable Way To Keep Track Of Your Health

Smart Watch

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Okay two things: 1) Just because we’re on the road doesn’t mean we just give up on our health, and 2) Just because we’re keeping up with our health doesn’t mean we have to buy expensive tech! This Smart Watch tracks everything like the big names, but for only $30.


 Night Light That Can Help Drift Off Into Sleep

Night Light 

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It can be hard to sleep when you’re not at your home in your bed. This compact little Night Light is here to help with that. It has 6 colors to choose from and 4 brightness settings, with warm light settings to help enhance your sleepiness. Want to listen to your meditation music as well? It doubles as a Bluetooth Speaker.



Watch Movies Or Keep Working On The Go With This External DVD Drive

External DVD Drive

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Check out what this 5-star reviewer had to say about this External DVD Drive: “Apple hasn’t updated their “SuperDrive” in ages, and third-party drives like this one do it all just as well. Added feature for this one is the dual USB-A and USB-C connector on the end. Very cool since I can plug into my old iMacs as well as my laptops with USB-C without needing an adapter. It also has a nice place to tuck the cable up inside the case when storing it.”


A Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard That Can Fit In Your Pocket

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard 

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If you’re like me, you hate typing long emails on your phone. Well now, thankfully we don’t have to. This Bluetooth Keyboard can connect straight to your devices for easier typing. It folds up too, so you can take it anywhere.


An All-In-One Adapter For The US, Europe, UK, Italy, Spain, And China

All-In-One Adapter

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No matter how often or where you travel, you need a good adapter for your devices. This All-In-One Adapter includes 4 built-in adapter plugs for use in over 150 countries. You can even use them all at once!


This Ultra-Compact Power Bank Is Able To Fully Charge An iPhone X

Ultra-Compact Power Bank 

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Most of us have an iPhone these days, so I wanted to add a product that is made specifically for them! This Ultra-Compact Power Bank is small enough to fit in your purse or pocket and holds enough power to charge even one of the most data-using phones from dead to fully charged!


Keep Cool And Have Your Hands Free With This Neck Fan

Hands Free Neck Fan

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We all know how hot traveling can get. Crowded cars and planes never seem to get cool enough! This Neck Fan will keep cool air blowing on you, without the use of blades; so, you won’t have to worry about tangled hair.


Get Quality Sleep With This Bluetooth Sleeping Mask

Bluetooth Sleeping Mask

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I sleep with a mask on every night, so I was extremely excited when I found this one that plays music! This Bluetooth Sleeping Mask is extremely soft and won’t put too much pressure on your eyes (a must-have for a good mask). You’ll be able to listen to your music or meditation and drift off to sleep in no time.


These Headphones Are Made With Kids In Mind


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We want everyone to travel with some great tech, so we can’t forget about the kiddos! These Headphones are super lightweight so they won’t cause any tired necks. Plus, they’re noise-blocking to give them a great listening experience!


Extend Your Wi-Fi Reach With This Travel Router

Travel Router

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Check out what this 5-star reviewer loved about this Travel Router: “Very versatile travel router. When only a wired connection is available, it creates a secured WIFI hotspot. When only a WIFI connection is available it creates a wired connection. The onboard admin software makes it very easy to switch between modes. It is so small that I can pack it along with its USB cable and Ethernet cable into a hard-sided glasses case.”


Sleep Safe And Sound Knowing You Have These Door Stop Alarms

Door Stop Alarms

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I travel everywhere with one of these and keep one at home in case I ever have to stay alone. It gives you real peace of mind knowing that not only will the door be jammed, but these Door Stop Alarms will let out an attention-getting 120db alarm if they’re triggered.


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