Everything You Need to Know About Breastfeeding and Baby Care at Disney Parks

Most airlines start charging babies full flight fare at two, but did you know that toddlers are free at Walt Disney World and Disneyland parks until they turn three? It’s a money-saving carrot many parents consider when pricing out a Disney vacation (especially as there are nearly 50 rides and attractions at Disney World with no height requirements). But there’s another major freebie inside the parks—an airconditioned oasis—that not enough parents take advantage of or even know about: Baby Care Centers.

In each park, Disney has a series of mega nurseries for parents and little ones. And they’re vacation game changers. Because the real magic is having a secret lounge to disappear to and pump in peace when it’s 100 degrees, suffocatingly humid, and you’ve already sweat through your nursing bra. Oh, and these hideouts are adorably themed, too, with several Easter eggs in the decor.

If you’re a Mary Blair fan, you must check out Disney California Adventure’s artwork. And the newly remodeled center at Magic Kingdom, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, feels like a highly themed attraction. Here’s everything you need to know about these exclusive spaces for feeding your baby, changing your baby, and taking care of all those fun postnatal needs that don’t stop just because you’re traveling.

An Oasis for Exhausted Parents and Your Baby

Traveling with tiny humans is a whole thing—and Disney gets it. That’s why Disney Cruise Line has staterooms with little bathtubs, on-demand Diaper Genies, and a full-scale nursery at sea. But Disney Parks takes it to another level of ease with Baby Care Centers. Each theme park at Disney World and Disneyland has one.


In Magic Kingdom, it’s just beyond Mainstreet U.S.A. between Casey’s Corner and The Crystal Palace. In EPCOT, it’s near the first aid station by the Odyssey Pavilion. In Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it’s just past the park entrance to the left. And in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, it’s perfectly placed behind Creature Comforts, AKA the Starbucks. Over in California, Disneyland’s center is at the very end of Mainstreet U.S.A. And the Baby Care Center at Disney California Adventure is next to Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop.

These air-conditioned spaces are a godsend for feeding and changing diapers, especially if you have two under two or three under three, because your whole family is allowed inside. And the best part: It’s free. Access is already included in your ticket. And if you’re still breastfeeding or bottle feeding, these rooms will quickly become your favorite spot in the parks.




Each center has a dedicated nursing room with cozy rocking chairs to feed your little one. And at the Magic Kingdom center, each chair has a little side table with chargers built in for your cellphone or your pump. Genius. There are also private enclosed suites to nurse if you’d rather feed privately. Either way, it’s a serious upgrade from sitting hunched over in a stall in a loud, noisy park restroom or trying to find a quiet nook covered by trees only to realize it’s actually the exit of a major stage show and opens to hundreds of people every 25 minutes.

More Than Breastfeeding

Nursing is only one part of these centers. It’s for any parent on bottle duty, too. There’s a kitchen or kitchenette with bottle warmers, sinks for washing bottles, and a microwave for heating up baby food. And there are also high chairs, which can be pretty clutch if you need to feed your toddler while also bottle feeding your baby. Bonus: There’s a TV playing classic Disney animated films. Even if your toddler has graduated to hard foods and is potty trained, these rooms can be a great place to get away from the crowds, cool off, and calm down after a hangry tantrum.

People have a lot of postnatal needs that no one talks about, and, in many ways, these centers are just as much for parents as they are for the baby.

There’s even an entire room just for changing diapers. And these padded stations are so much nicer than those Koala Kare flip tables you typically find in public restrooms. The tables are also larger, and that’s incredibly handy for older, neurodivergent toddlers and kids who aren’t potty trained and still require diaper changes. But if you are working through potty training, what better way to build a positive potty experience than at the mouse house? The Baby Care Center at Hollywood Studios, as well as both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure’s centers, have a functional, flushing tiny toilet. Disneyland’s center even has a low-to-the-ground tiny sink because we all know post-potty hygiene is the most important lesson but the one many kiddos forget.

These centers are also a respite if you’re pumping, and here’s the most magical part: you can leave the pump at the center. All. Day. Yes, really. You don’t have to sacrifice stroller storage space or try to lug your pump around in a backpack. Just check it in with a Cast Member at the center, and they’ll store it for you until you need to come back. But pumping doesn’t always mean your baby is in tow.

If you’re at Disney for your friend’s bachelorette trip and you need to express without going back to the hotel, or you came to the parks on a date, but you’re mindful of saving your milk for bottles, you can use the Baby Care Center for all of that and more. As for chilling your milk, Baby Care Centers don’t have a series of fridges for mass storage. But all centers are conveniently located right next to a first aid center. And the first aid center will provide you with an ice pack to keep your breastmilk cold. You can also rent a locker to store a small cooler in any park. But lockers aren’t free.


Most of the centers have private bathrooms for adults, too. Because there’s comfort in using a private bathroom around other people who are going through similar body changes or constantly worrying about their nipples clogging with sweat. People have a lot of postnatal needs that no one talks about, and, in many ways, these centers are just as much for parents as they are for the baby.

Better Than Amazon Prime

Forget something? The EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom baby centers have a mini store inside with a cash register and everything. (The Hollywood Studios baby center isn’t staffed inside, but it’s right next to guest relations.) It’s fully stocked with bibs, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, and all those “I-swear-I-packed-it” items. There are also select medications and baby food you can buy on site. And you can even buy new clothes and onesies in case you have a diaper blowout right before the big family photo with Mickey. But wait, there’s more: If your little one dropped and lost that very specific type of pacifier or you forgot to pack something, Cast Members at the Baby Care Centers can order it from Disney World’s partner pharmacy network and have it delivered to you in the parks. It’s like a concierge for babies.