The Best Beaches In Florida You Should Visit!


Florida is a highly attractive tourist destination on the east coast of the US. It’s home to so many famous places, with Miami being an obvious one that springs to mind. When most people think about Florida, they think about sunny weather and beaches. Indeed, it has hundreds of miles of beaches, with excellent conditions all throughout the year. 

Speaking of which, today’s post will show you around some of the best beaches in Florida. You’ll learn where you need to go if you want to have the best possible beach experience in this state. So, let’s get started:

Clearwater Beach

As the name alludes to, the big attraction here is the wonderfully clear water that kisses the sands of this beach. It is one of the best beaches for swimming because the water is just so damn beautiful. It features white sand as well, making it look like something out of a postcard. 

There are loads of things to do on Clearwater Beach as well, which is why it ranks so highly amongst locals and tourists. As well as ample sporting activities along the sand and sea, many people opt for going on a fishing charter here because the water is so clear and easy to fish in. It lets you hop on a nice boat, set out into the ocean, and enjoy the sun while fishing for a big catch. 

Palm beach

Palm Beach may ring a bell, and that’s because it’s featured in a lot of TV shows. This is probably the most well-known beach in Florida, and for good reasons. It boasts an array of upscale restaurants, golf courses, and beautiful art galleries. The sand is gorgeous, the ocean stunning, and it's also one of the best places to go snorkeling.

Expect your stay at Palm Beach to feel a bit more sophisticated than other beaches. This is definitely in one of the richer areas of Florida, and that’s saying something!

Siesta Key

Siesta Key is located in South Sarasota and has made a name for itself in the last few years. There’s a reality TV show based here, which is why it has become so popular. But, the cool thing about it is that it’s basically a little mini island. Yes, there are bridges connecting it to mainland Florida, but it sits alone and is packed full of different beaches.

All around the coast of Siesta Key, you will find sparkling white sand and bright blue ocean water. It’s honestly the most beautiful beach in the state - and lots of people agree with this. It has won numerous awards for both general beaches and family-friendly beaches in Florida.

Delray Beach

Another extremely gorgeous beach in Florida! Delray Beach is one of the quieter beaches in this state. It boasts a really friendly atmosphere that lacks some of the celebrity influence of other beaches. If you don’t want to see wannabe influencers strutting around, this could be the beach for you.

Despite being more relaxed, there are still many things to do on Delray Beach. It’s known for snorkeling and paddleboarding, but the town around the beach also has wonderful museums and natural gardens to explore.

Marco Island

Yes, another island and this one is a bit more remote. You can get there via Naples (the city in Florida, not Italy) and it is worth the drive. Much like Palm Beach, this is one of the richer parts of Florida, so expect to see high-end resorts and some pretty extortionate prices. But, it’s arguably worth it to experience this stunning beach.

It looks absolutely fabulous, but the best thing is that much of the island is untouched. This lets you see so many natural habitats and wonderful works of natural art. It’s one of the best places to go for a relaxing time in the sun, or for long walks across the very soft sand.


Lastly, you have Destin - one of the top-rated family-friendly beaches in Florida. Families love coming here with kids because it is a very safe beach with a pretty young crowd. It also constantly has things going on and activities for the whole family to enjoy.

If you love different watersports and other beach-based activities, this is the beach for you!

In all honesty, there are too many beautiful beaches in Florida to list. Alas, we have to stop somewhere. Of all the gorgeous options, these six are the top ones to consider visiting. They are all visually stunning, packed full of things to do, and home to wonderful weather conditions.