9 Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Travels

Whether you are a travel blogger who news to take amazing images of your adventures to hook your readers and make as much revenue as you can, or you are simply a traveler who wants to take better photos so that you can better remember your trips, below you will find some top tips for taking better travel photos right now.

  1. Think about buying a drone

Okay, so this will not be for everyone but if you are someone who wants to be able to capture the most stunning scenery from jaw-dropping angles, then taking a drone - you can buy good ones at drdrone.ca - on vacation with you is a great way to do that. The good thing about drones is that they can capture locations from angles that it would not be safe or possible for you to access, which means you can really capture those sweeping cliffs or thick dense forests in all o their glory, while also staying safe.

  1. Apply the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is a principle in photography that states that images are more interesting when the main subject you are shooting is placed in either the left or right third of the image. Many amateurs think that the subject should be front and center in their images, but this makes for a much less dynamic image. So, whether you’re shooting a picture of the Eiffel Tower or a pride of lions, make surer they are in the outermost third of your image.

  1. Get off the beaten track

This is not a photography tip per se, but it is worth noting that, if you want to take more interesting travel photos than the masses, then a good way to do so is by photographic attractions and locations that have not been captured a billion times before by other tourists.

Getting off the beaten track -on of our favorite tour operators,  Atlas Obscura is a good source for doing that - will also make your vacation more exciting by opening you up to new and interesting experiences that you might not have considered before. Roadside attractions and small local venues are often even more exciting than the big hitters, so do give them a chance.

  1. Get down

If you want your photos of your trips to be more dynamic than most, then you need to get down on the ground, you need to hunch to the side, you need to find those angles that most other people do not, and you need to shoot your subject from them.

You often see photographers crouching into the most unlikely of positions - they're not practising some weird form of yoga; they are doing this because they know that shooting something from underneath, above, or from the side often makes for a more visually interesting image than simply shooting it straight on.

  1. Bring a tripod

If you can fit it into your luggage allowance, then bringing along a lightweight tripod is a really good idea. Doing so will ensure that your images are less shaky, and therefore, much crisper and clearer than average.

So many people ruing perfectly good vacation photos because they do not have a steady hand or because the hustle and bustle of life going on around them cause the camera to be knocked or displaced, and this is so easily remedied with the use of a tripod. Sure, it’s not always practical to set the tripod up for every snap, but for those important ones, having a tripod on hand can make all the difference.

  1. Get up early

When you get up early, you can capture images of the town square or the impressive statue or the stunning beach before it is populated by hundreds of other tourists and locals, and when the light is at its best. The same goes for staying up and taking photographs late at night, but just make sure that it is safe to do in your location.

  1. Use manual mode

When it comes to taking travel snaps, shooting in manual mode is recommended. Why? Because manual node will enable you to control the camera's aperture and shutter speed so that you can capture better images in a wide range of situations. You can better control the light, contrast, and crispness of the image for starters.

If you have always used your camera in automatic mode, then spending some time reading a tutorial or two before you head off on your next adventure will really pay off.

  1. Frame your photos

If you want your travel photos to be very eye-catching, then you need to think about more than just the primary subject of your photos; you also need to think about the framing around the main subject, So, you should have your main subject in crisp and clear view at the front of your image, but you should also have something interesting going on in the mid-section of the images - may be an interesting old shop or monument for example- and something eye-catching going on in the background - a mountain perhaps - too. This adds layers to your photos so that no matter where one’s eye is looking, there is always something worth seeing.

  1. Ask for permission

If you want to capture the locals in all their glory, then it is a really good idea to ask for their permission, Sure, you can capture some great shots as they go about their business, but if you ask them for permission to shoot then they will really come out of their shell and pose for you and you will end up with some really stunning portraits that are filled with character and joy. Not only that, but of course, it is always polite to ask people before you shoot them.


As you can see, taking better travel photos does involve some time and effort, but it is not actually all that difficult, so if you want to immortalize your trips in the best possible way, it is worth learning a few of the techniques above before your next vacation.