Asian Countries You Should Visit at Least Once in Your Lifetime

A globe showing Asia and Australia.

By: Sally Norton

Asia, the largest continent on the planet, spreads all the way from the shores of the Mediterranean to the Pacific. Its vast landmass includes everything from majestic mountain ranges to arid and barren deserts. Southeast Asia also has steamy jungles, as well as idyllic islands and stunning beaches. In addition to its immense territory, Asia is also home to more than half of the world's population. Therefore, with so many different cultures to explore, Asia is proud of its astounding diversity. Each country has a distinct history and heritage. So, the myriad natural beauties and hidden gems of Asia may take a lifetime to discover. That's why we're giving you the list of Asian countries you should visit at least once in your lifetime!


Books and the Internet can tell us a lot about the great country of Japan. However, you simply can't fully grasp the uniqueness of this country unless you experience it firsthand. As one might expect, Tokyo is the most popular destination, but there's so much more to explore on Japan's four main islands.

Japan is different from the rest of the Asian cultures - it's so much louder. Also, this country is highly advanced in technology, so you'll definitely see some things you have never seen before. Furthermore, Japan is famous for its picturesque landscapes and one of the largest volcanoes in the world - Fuji. It's also a foodie paradise - Japan's street food scene is extremely eclectic, so you'll definitely get to enjoy a variety of local cuisines.

Japan – one of the Asian countries you should visit at least once in your lifetime.

Traditional arts, distinctive gardens, sushi, and advanced technology are just some of the reasons to visit Japan.


China boasts one of the oldest civilizations. This magnificent country dominates Asia both size and population-wise. As a result, every corner of this country boasts cultural and historical landmarks.

While the Great Wall of China is unquestionably the most popular tourist destination, the Terracotta Army in Xi'an and the Forbidden City in Beijing both draw large crowds. Others come to enjoy the stunning beauties of China, which include towering mountains, countless rice terraces, and the lonely Gobi Desert.

Additionally, China has a plethora of fascinating cities that are quickly modernizing. Its centuries-old traditions and practices, on the other hand, have not altered. China is a continent in its own right, with vast and diverse landscapes, cities, and civilizations to discover.

This is exactly why many people who visit China not only want to come back but relocate here. Besides the capital, Hong Kong is usually the first choice for the move, particularly for the booming job market. So, inform yourself if this is your plan as well. Moving to another continent for work is quite a challenge, so you'll need to think smart and make a detailed plan.


This beautiful country consists of two unique regions - Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia and is home to the world's oldest rainforest. Malaysia is rich with pitch-perfect nature and magnificent sceneries. In addition, it houses many national parks famous for outstanding trekking and wildlife.

Malaysia's bustling cities and capital, Kuala Lumpur, are home to Indians, Chinese, and ethnic Malays, making it a very multicultural and eclectic country. There, you can find both historical and cultural sites and modern skyscrapers. Additionally, the local delicacies are beyond tasteful, and you can find them in every restaurant in the country.

If you like to relax by the water, Malaysia is home to picturesque islands and pristine beaches. However, the highlight of every vacation in Malaysia is definitely seeing an orangutan up close in their natural environment.


Another one of the Asian countries you should visit is the Maldives. Made up of 1,200 marvelous islands and atolls, the Maldives has some of the world's most famous and beautiful beaches. This luxury getaway, tucked in the Indian Ocean, is known for its lavish resorts, many of which have their own private island.

While each of the archipelago's picturesque islands seems to be more beautiful than the previous, the Maldives is also known for its aquatic treasures. Therefore, it's an excellent destination to go scuba diving or snorkeling, with plenty of vibrant coral reefs and dazzling shoals of fish to see. All things considered, this quiet and isolated honeymoon getaway is not to be missed, with so many breathtaking white-sand beaches to enjoy.

Beautiful beach in the Maldives.

The Maldives is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations and a perfect summer getaway.

Sri Lanka

The popularity of Sri Lanka, a beautiful island set in the Indian Ocean, is growing by the year. The primary attractions of this unique county are its picture-perfect beaches. However, Sri Lanka also has a rich culture and history that will leave you speechless.

The history of this exotic country dates back around 2,500 years. Therefore, Sri Lanka houses several stunning archaeological sites as well as historical and cultural monuments to explore. Most of these landmarks span from ancient temples to colonial-era castles, and you'll find them in fascinating cities such as Kandy, Anuradhapura, and Galle.

In addition, Sri Lanka offers breathtaking views and fantastic wildlife for you to explore. This country is an ideal blend of beaches, culture, history, and nature.


Scenic beaches, sparkling temples, and kind locals are just some of the reasons why Thailand is such a popular tourist destination. After all, it's affectionately known as 'The Land of Smiles' for a reason.

While Thailand's capital, Bangkok, offers amazing cuisine and entertainment, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are home to some of Thailand's well-known temples. If you want to explore this country beyond its tourist limits, you'll find wild rainforest, lovely paddy fields, and tranquil towns and villages.

Additionally, its dazzling sands and underwater mysteries draw thousands of visitors every year. Many visitors travel to Krabi to party in its beach cities, visit picturesque islands like Ko Tao, or take in the breathtaking nature.


Nestled in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is steeped in ancient ruins and archeological sites. Between the 9th and 15th centuries, the powerful Khmer Empire constructed several magnificent temples and monuments throughout the country. The breathtaking Angkor Wat is, without a doubt, the most impressive one.

Aside from the bustling cities of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, Cambodia also has a lot of beautiful landscapes. This country offers something for everyone to enjoy, with stunning croplands, jungle-clad mountains, and spectacular tropical islands to explore. So, it's safe to say that Cambodia is one of the Asian countries you should visit at least once.

Ancient ruins in Cambodia.

If you enjoy history and its majestic marks on one civilization, then Cambodia is the perfect country for your vacation.


The majestic country of Jordan is famous for its strategic location between Africa, Asia, and Europe. Thanks to this, many emperors, travelers, and traders passed through this country over the millennia leaving behind all sorts of monuments and ancient ruins. So, in Jordan, you can see both crusader castles and Roman amphitheaters. However, the most majestic monument of Jordan is Petra. The ancient Nabataean metropolis is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Set in the desert and sculpted out of rock, it is unquestionably the centerpiece of any visit to the country.

While Petra is unquestionably the primary attraction, the Dead Sea and the desert scenery of Wadi Rum are definitely worth visiting as well. Jordan's various beauties and warm Middle Eastern hospitality will entice you to return in no time.


Just like China, India has one of the oldest and richest civilizations in the world. It's also a melting pot of cultures, people, religions, languages, and customs. This is precisely why it's so exciting to explore this exotic and unique country of Asia.

While the Himalayas rule the north, the majority of the country is filled with steamy rainforest, scenic tea plantations, and beautiful beaches. Millennia-old ancient monuments and vibrant yet turbulent cities like Mumbai and New Delhi are tucked away among these diverse landscapes.

The world's second-most populated country offers something for everyone, from temples and gastronomy to culture and wildlife. The only problem is deciding where to start.


Kyrgyzstan is a country adorned with unique natural beauty. From the gorgeous, blue Alakol Lake to the country's magnificent mountains, you'll have to stay here for at least a month. Kyrgyzstan is situated in the heart of the old Silk Road trade route, which connected China with the Mediterranean. As a result, this Asian country is rich in history and archeology.

After a day of seeing the city, stay in a traditional yurt to immerse yourself in local culture and relax in the countryside. Local families throughout the country build these yurts during the summer. So, locals and visitors who would like to relax and unwind can stay in them. A truly unique and beautiful experience!


The truth is, we could talk about beautiful countries in Asia for hours on end. However, we tried to include both popular destinations and hidden gems. These Asian countries you should visit at least once in your lifetime will definitely change your life. With its breathtaking beaches, exotic wildlife, unique culture, and majestic monuments, experiencing Asia is something else. A vacation on another level. So, choose the country and book the tickets ASAP!