Staying Safe While Traveling Alone

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Book Accommodation & Transfers In Advance

By: Denise Ambrusko-Maida

Making the decision to undertake independent travel can be a totally transformative experience, but it takes considerable thought and planning to make sure you can stay as safe as possible throughout your trip. Thankfully, there are a few key areas in which you can focus your efforts to help ensure your adventure can be memorable for all of the right reasons, and it couldn't be easier to organize your own risk-free travel today.

One of the most important steps that you have to follow if you want to maintain high levels of health and safety while traveling alone is to work with a travel agent to book all of your accommodations, tours and transfers well in advance before you arrive at your chosen destination. Making the mistake of attempting to find a taxi or a hotel in a totally new country when you cannot speak the language fluently can put you in danger. You cannot wing it when you are traveling independently if you want to stay safe and out of harm's way, it's best to presume that each person you interact with could be dangerous. You could easily flag down what you believe to be a taxi, only to end up getting into a random person's vehicle without any sense of direction or means of escaping. You don't need an expert team of pedestrian accident lawyers to tell you just how crazy transport links are in other countries, especially in tourist-heavy locations like India and Thailand. Having the utmost confidence in your travel agents’ selections will allow you to rest assured with ultimate peace of mind knowing that both your hotels and transport are going to be as safe and secure as can be.

Remain Alone Throughout Your Travels

Though your first thought during your independent travels may be to try and make a friend, it's actually going to be far safer if you stay by yourself throughout your trip. Trusting someone enough to let them know about your plans or tell them where you're staying will put you in danger, as it's far better to keep this information to yourself. You can certainly chat up new friends on group tours and excursions but avoid sharing too many details of your travel plans. Even if you find people who do appear genuine, it's still a smart idea to never agree to their plans or blindly follow them wherever they say they are going. Attending night clubs and bars with people you have only just met may seem like a fun and invigorating travel experience, but this is in fact an enormously risky decision.

Use a Travel Agent

As your travel agent gets to know you, he or she will discover how you like to travel and what makes for a winning experience. This personalized service allows the agent to better tailor your travels to your tastes and desires. Good travel agents are much like your personalized mission command. We’re there to prepare you for your specific experience and see you through to your happy return home.

If something does go wrong, having a travel agent is like having a champion to get your vacation back on track. From lost luggage to overbooked hotels to missed flights to canceled tour, travel agents can help with just about anything that can go wrong on vacation. You also have someone who knows your itinerary, where you’re supposed to be and who your transfers and tours are booked with adding an extra layer of safety to your travel plans.

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