Peru is Now Open to US Travelers With No Quarantine.

Machu Picchu

Our marvelous partners in Peru with offices in the Sacred Valley and Lima, is currently receiving and looking after US visitors.

Our partners on the ground would like to reassure you that if want to travel from the US to Peru, they are on top of all the latest rules, that attractions and restaurants are open

Notes on what is open in Peru from our partners:

Hotels: Our favorite hotels are all open, and even when they are working with reduced staff, which compensates reduced occupation, they are all keeping their usual high-quality standards and service. Of course, covid protocols and the use of masks in public areas is mandatory. Those hotels that used to offer buffet breakfast are now offering a-la-carte, but still keeping the high quality and wide variety of options.

RESTAURANTS: For those ready to enjoy the culinary scene: Most restaurants in the country are open and working at reduced capacity. Even the top ranked restaurants listed in the San Pellegrino World´s 50 best are now active.

ARCHAEOLOGY SITES: All major archaeological sites, including Machu Picchu are now open to the public, although working at limited capacity, which in a way is good as opposed to having crowded sites. The Inca trail is open so our favorite way of reaching Machu Picchu by foot through the Sun Gate is still the best option.

ADVENTURE: Outdoor activities are of course the major attraction during these times, and we are eager to plan different options to leave the beaten path and look for some exciting adventures.

DOMESTIC FLIGHTS: The use of masks is mandatory during the entire duration of the flights. At the moment flight frequencies are not as varied as before, so we try to keep flights and connections to a minimum right now. Of course, we expect this to change as the demand grows.

SHOPPING & HANDICRAFTS: Most shops are open, including Alpaca shops and our favorite folk-art boutique shops.

Certain areas, including Lima and Cusco, are subject to transit restrictions between midnight and 4am but this still allows plenty of space to enjoy dinner outside while travelling.

Peru folk-art boutique shops

Most shops are open, including Alpaca shops and our favorite folk-art boutique shops.

As for the process to enter Peru, here is some useful information:

  • A negative PCR or Antigen covid test that is no older than 72 hours is required to board the plane flying to Peru.
  • Upon arrival in Lima at the Jorge Chavez airport, travelers need to make their own way to the parking lot as nobody is allowed to enter the airport without a boarding pass. For this we will establish a telephone/text connection between passengers and our rep, to monitor the process from outside the airport or from the parking lot if we have a rep/driver.
  • Vaccinated people are currently expected to follow the same procedures as non-vaccinated people.
  • Before flying to Peru, travelers need to complete a sworn affidavit stating they have no covid symptoms. They must also fill in their details online so they may be informed if they have been in contact with someone who is infected.
  • This is the situation right now, and we expect the still existent restrictions to be softened during the months to come.


We are ready to design wonderful, authentic, and engaging trips to see the highlights of Peru utilizing all manner of transportation and activities such as Private Jets, Helicopters, Hydroplanes, 4X4, Motorcycle, Luxury River Cruises, White Water Rafting, Kayak, SUP, Horses and Mountain Bikes.  See some example itineraries HERE

We can also innovate and operate some really exciting, unique, VIP itineraries to immerse your clients in local culture, gastronomy, crafts and get them totally off the beaten path and on moderate to hugely challenging expeditions. Here are a few ideas.


Immerse your clients in a true Peruvian culinary adventure with a top Peruvian chef, exploring the three main Peruvian regions. Unlike other culinary trips that are limited to touring the best restaurants, tasting the Peruvian delicacies, and maybe meeting a few producers and chefs, this adventure is a full hands-on one, where you will have the chance to participate in the most exciting adventures while cooking and tasting meals prepared on the ground by a Peruvian top chef. Some of the highlights:

  • Catch the second biggest fresh-water fish in the world only after the Beluga Sturgeon, and share time with the natives who have lived from this catch for centuries
  • Learn how to survive in the Amazon and transform “survival food” in a delicious feast
  • Visit a native amazon community and participate on a traditional "micuna"
  • Spend a day tracing a wild bull for a memorable hunt. Learn how the locals take advantage of every single part of the animal and participate in a real authentic local festivity where the main dish is the hunted bull
  • In a country with nearly 3000 kinds of edible potato, harvest fresh organic products from the earth and enjoy a beautiful local meal, learning about traditional farming in a Quechua community
  • Spearfish and/or fish in one of the richest areas of the Pacific Ocean and enjoy the freshest ceviche you may ever try
  • Finalize your trip by the beach, enjoying a delicious feast prepared by the best hand-picked catch of the day​


The Dakar Race is one of the most epic off-road races in the world and was organized for 10 consecutive years in South America. During this major adventure follow the route of the last race organized in South America, driving your own fully equipped 4x4 vehicle or motorcycle, guided by experienced Dakar pilots. This is an especially great experience for incentive groups.


Explore the astonishing Peruvian biodiversity through the art of sport fishing, all in the search of preservation of some of the most emblematic fish species in Peru. Through this trip we will sail to the deep Pacific Ocean, in the area where some say that Ernest Hemingway got inspiration for his book “The Old Man and the Sea'', to then continue through the coastal seas and up to the Andes to finally head down to the east to rivers and “qochas” in the Amazon, looking for the big monsters.


Experiance authentic interaction with the descendants of these cultures, some of them keeping alive ancient spiritual, art and farming traditions.


Starting with the remains of hunters and collectors that are over 14 thousand years old, following with the oldest city in the Americas, dating back 5000 years, continuing through some of the most emblematic sites that were lights of civilization through the years, such as Chavin de Huantar and Tiahuanaco, to finally reach Machu Picchu, the summit of all the previous developments just before the Spanish arrived. During this trip, get ready to explore some of the most beautiful sceneries in the Coast, the Andes and the Amazon and immerse yourself in ancient history and culture by the hand of some of the most renowned experts and archeologists in Peru. Not to mention authentic interaction with the descendants of these cultures, some of them keeping alive ancient spiritual, art and farming traditions.


  • The route of the Last Inca: Manco Inca
  • In the search of El Gran Pajatén


The Amazon River is the largest (by water volume discharge) and arguably the longest river in the world. Join this unique adventure and trace the furthest source of the great Amazon river deep in the mountains of Arequipa Region and follow the subsequent tributaries that will lead you through some of the most remote and overwhelming Andean and Amazon sceneries until finally reaching the grand Amazon River in the North-east of Peru. This expedition will need us to use a combination of (at least) 4x4 vehicles, Helicopter, Raft, kayaks, and Horses.


The Amazon River is the largest (by water volume discharge) and arguably the longest river in the world.

We would love to hear from you about how we can help support your travel to Peru whether you are looking to experience the highlights in style, enjoy a wellness and spiritual journey, indulge in the gastronomy, or get as far off the beaten track as possible. Let us help you see the world!