Our 10 Picks for the Best Summer Vacation Dresses

Best Summer Dresses

With summer kicking into full swing it's time to update your vacation wardrobe! These are our top picks for your must-pack dresses for your next vacation.

  1. This ruffled and strapless maxi dress that looks just as whimsical as you're going to feel.

2. A show-stopping Calvin Kline black maxi gown, because if you have anywhere to go you should probably go in this.

3. A loose-fitting gingham swing dress with pockets for all those mornings when you can't get your life together and figure out what you should wear.

4. A ruffle-sleeve polka-dot midi dress to easily wear while you saddle up and hit the road.

5. A comfy and breezy T-shirt dress, because it doesn't matter if it's 1,000 degrees outside — and all you want to do is eat ice cream.

6. A cutout maxi dress designed with thigh-high slits perfect for your next vacation to somewhere nice and warm.

7. A button-down midi dress so perfect it'll become your go-to summer dress for any occasion.

8. A tie-front midi dress to give your midsection a little peekaboo time.

9. A super-soft ruffle-sleeve cotton dress that just might be prettier than anything else in your closet.

10. A ruffled, smocked bodice open back stunner that just might be the dress of your vacationing dreams — emphasis on the dream part.