All-inclusive Packing Tips

All-Inclusive Packing Tips

Our clients book all-inclusive vacations to play, relax, eat and drink to their heart’s desire while being surrounding by a wealth of included amenities and activities. Packing for such a vacation can be perplexing, however, since resorts claim that they have everything you need for the perfect vacation. While that is true, you should consider the following before packing for your sun and fun vacation.

Before leaving for your all-inclusive vacation, make sure you’ve packed everything you need and nothing that you don’t. These tips include packing a variety of clothing options and leaving your beach towels at home.

Ask your travel advisor about your particular resort.
We have personally stayed at many of the resorts we encourage our clients to experience, so we know exactly what activities, amenities and services are free. We also know if a specific resort allows you to bring outside food or beverages, such as a special bottle of wine you’ve been saving for your anniversary.

Bring smaller items or specific brands.
All-inclusive resorts will supply the basics when it comes to toiletries, so you should bring the smaller accessories or specific brands that you just can’t live without, such as your toothbrush, makeup, grooming supplies, medications and so on. Personally, I LOVE this Molton Brown Travel toiletry set- two hotels I've stayed at in recent months have used Molton Brown toiletries, and they smell so amazing I've become disappointed when I check in and they're not waiting for me. The best solution? I bring my own! Also, you’re most likely going to be outside a lot, so it’s paramount that you pack sunscreen. And while they’ll have extra masks if you need one in a pinch, please bring a few of your favorite ones from home. And, if by chance, you forget anything, most items are just a phone call away. Most resorts offer a variety of free toiletries; simply reach out to your concierge or housekeeping to make your request.

Do not underestimate the need to hydrate your skin after time spent in the sun drinking all those delicious resort cocktails! Instead of lugging my entire skincare routine with me, I just pack my Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C & Turmeric Face Oil. I have sensitive skin that easily dries up whenever I'm traveling, but this facial oil helps keep the flakes at bay. And much praise to this TSA-approved mini bottle.


Leave all beach and entertainment items at home.
All-inclusive resorts specialize in fun, so all your beach and entertainment needs will be taken care of. Leave your big, bulky beach towels, snorkeling gear, family games and movies at home. Many resorts include gaming areas or arcades for kids, and the in-room movie selection is top-notch. One caveat: if you are PADI certified, do pack your documents in case you decide to take that scuba trip.

Don’t forget a wide range of clothes.
Most resorts are located on gorgeous beaches, so you will need to pack your favorite bathing suits and don't forget your sunglasses and hat! You should also bring athletic gear for the gym or tennis courts and golf clothes for those championship courses (don’t forget your clubs!), as well as light evening wear for on-site clubs and romantic dinners. Check with your travel advisor before departure to confirm if there are any dress code requirements for your resort’s upscale restaurants.

Beach Pizza

Pro Tip:

Bring a travel mug! You will be drinking a lot — from coffee and mimosas in the morning, to margaritas and iced tea on the beach. Insulated travel mugs keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold as you wander about and enjoy all the resort has to offer. Plus, it cuts down on single-use beverage containers.