Best Travel Accessories of 2021

Packing for a vacation can be overwhelmingly difficult at times, especially when you’re nervous you'll forget something. At the same time, having some essential travel accessories in your bag turns out to be of utmost importance when hitting the road.

If you are anything like us, we adore traveling but absolutely loathe packing. Our goal is to save our readers some heartache by thoughtfully listing our must have travel items.


Packing Cubes

If you're not using packing cubes you need to start! These cubes help me stay organized and keeps everything compact enough to fit in my carry-on. I try to avoid check bags whenever possible. I also keep a few cubes pre-packed with essentials I know will got with me on every trip, which cuts my packing time and stress considerably.

Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

This toiletry bag was a game changer on our last cruise. Counter space in a hotel bathroom is challenging enough but those stateroom bathrooms are small! This toiletry bag can be hung on the towel bar so that all your travel sized items stay organized, accessible and out fo the way. 

Travel Pouches

I love these mesh travel pouches for things like charging cords and ear buds. They're also great for organizing your hand sanitizer, gum and chap stick for quick access on a flight. Too many times I was digging through my bag trying not to elbow the passenger next to mean these pouches help keep all those small must haves close at hand. 

Cosmetic Case

I love this adorable cosmetic case! It has a layered design that makes it easy for me to sort and store and the clear top section allows me see the items I use most for quick access. 

Travel Jewelry Roll

I used to rarely pack jewelry because it always ended up a tangled mess by the time I unpacked. These jewelry rolls are a game changer. Now I can keep all my necklaces and earrings organized and actually bring all my cute accessories with me. 

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