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The world has changed, and the act of traveling has changed along with it. In the foreseeable future, conscientious travelers will need to take extra precautions in order to protect themselves and the people they encounter. One way to do this and still create unforgettable vacation memories is to travel with a bubble of friends and family. Read on to learn more.

One of the joys of traveling is to meet like-minded travelers, share experiences together and return home knowing you made new, life-long friends. But meeting new people has become tricky in this time of COVID-19, and spending quality time with them — having drinks or dining together — even trickier. One way to remain social on vacation is to invite friends and family from your personal bubble to travel with you.

Many of us already have this bubble in place. It usually consists of a handful of your closest friends, some extended family members, and maybe even your neighbors or co-workers. These are people you know well and trust that they are following enough safety guidelines to warrant spending time together during the pandemic.

Some travel providers are now offering packages and discounts specifically for bubble-groups traveling together. This gives you the opportunity to reconnect with both your love of travel and your loved ones, all while feeling safe and comfortable in your personal bubble during your journeys.

It’s a similar concept to what we see happening across the country with professional sports teams, colleges and universities, and even essential workplaces. Once you are within your safe travel bubble, you can enjoy your travels without having to constantly worry about health and safety risks.

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