Dubrovnik Travel Guide

Dubrovnik Travel Guide

by Anne Lowrey | Nov 25, 2019 | Top Selling Destinations


Sitting on the southern Croatia coast, Dubrovnik blends history, culture, and architecture with a rugged Adriatic setting of traditional fishing villages, beaches, and green islands. Most Dubrovnik travel guides send travelers head first to the heart of the city—a stone-built Old Town dating from the 10th century, perched on a headland and ringed by thick, medieval walls. Guided tours explore the area’s churches, fountains, and squares, or walk the battlement walls to admire the sea views and fairy tale towers. (It’s no wonder Dubrovnik’s was a main Game of Thrones filming location.) Beyond the city, popular day-trip destinations include nearby Elafiti Islands and the ancient town of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

With its walls running over a mile (two kilometers) around its perimeter, Dubrovnik Old Town offers limestone-clad streets and squares flanked by red-roofed mansions, palaces, churches, shops and restaurants. In addition to strolls atop the wall, popular walking tours include the main Stradun promenade, Rector’s Palace, and the Franciscan Monastery. Although this Dubrovnik travel guide is a great start, exploring with a local guide ensures visitors see the best of the Old Town without getting lost.

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