Thermal bath


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Thermal bath

Eger Thermal Bath is one of the nicest town baths of the country with 3 entrances, a 5 hectare area, 13 pools and thousands of adventures. Because, just like Eger among the towns, the bath of Eger is also a special feature among the baths. Even its location is worth mentioning, since the bath is located in the heart of Eger, right next to the historic city centre. Just have a glass of wine on the main square, make up your mind and after a 5-minute leisure walk you can plash in the cooling water. And what water, what environs...

Do & See

People say Eger is "a small jewelery box". The castle of Eger is a national memorial site and a half-day program itself, but there are other museums, churches, Turkish memorial constructions that are waiting for you.