Archbishop's cellar system


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Archbishop's cellar system

Following the Turkish occupation bishop György Fenessy having returned to Eger did not want to live in the castle any more, but rather bought two building sites in the civic town and the tuff stones necessary for the construction of the palace were extracted from the hill behind. It proved to be a great idea: on the one hand the palace of the bishop was built, on the other hand a huge cellar system was created under the town having excellent micro-climate to store wine, so the wine received as tithe was started to be stored here. The bishop's cellar system used to strech 3 km long under the town from Hatvani-gate to Rác-gate.

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People say Eger is "a small jewelery box". The castle of Eger is a national memorial site and a half-day program itself, but there are other museums, churches, Turkish memorial constructions that are waiting for you.