San Blas

Many travelers come here looking for Old Mexico, or the "real Mexico," or the Mexico they remember from the 1960s. New Spain's first official Pacific port has experienced a long, slow slide into obscurity since losing out to better-equipped ports in the late 19th century. But there's something to be said for being a bit player rather than a superstar. Industrious but not overworked, residents of this drowsy seaside city hit the beaches on weekends and celebrate their good fortune during numerous saints' days and civic festivals. You can, too.


Playa Platanitos

Beyond Matanchén Bay the road heads inland and reemerges about 8 km (5 miles) later at Playa Platanitos, a lovely…

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Playa Borrego

You can walk or ride a bike to long, lovely Playa Borrego, 1 km (½ mile) south of town. Rent…

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Old Aduana

The old Aduana has been partially restored and is now a cultural center with sporadic art or photography shows and…

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