Mascota's cool but sunny climate is perfect for growing citrus, avocados, nuts, wheat, corn, and other crops. Fed by the Mascota and Ameca rivers and many springs and year-round streams, the blue-green hills and valleys surrounding town are lusciously forested; beyond them rise indigo mountains to form a painterly tableau. This former mining town and municipal seat is home to some 13,000 people. Its banks, shops, and hospital serve surrounding villages. On its coat of arms are a pine tree, deer, and rattlesnake. The town's name derives from the Nahuatl words for "deer" and "snake."


Cerro de la Cruz

The countryside just outside town is ideal for hikes and drives. From Mascota's plaza you can walk up Calle Morelos…

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Palacio de Cultura y el Arte de Mascota

Around the corner from the Mascota Museum, the Palacio de Cultura y el Arte has rotating exhibits of photography and…

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Walk around the plaza, where old gents share stories and kids chase balloons. Couples dance the stately danzón on Thursday…

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