Los Cabos

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Los Cabos

Located at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, the once secluded area of Los Cabos has transformed itself into a popular international resort destination. Tourists flock to the region for its stunning beaches and the Corridor, a 33 km strip connecting the twin towns of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, both of which have a reputation for captivating visitors from all corners of the globe. Los Cabos is also the host of several well-known international events such as the Bisbee Black and Blue Marlin tournament and the SCORE Baja 1000 off-road race.

The City

The quaint town of San Jose del Cabo offers tranquility and old Mexican charm. It is also the best place to shop for souvenirs. Even if you don’t need anything, do browse the local gift shops and art galleries. A visit to at least one of the exquisite gourmet restaurants is also highly recommended. The glitzier Cabo San Lucas (widely known as the “Cabo” ) tends to attract a younger crowd and it is famous for its abundant nightlife. Here, in the southern peninsula, you will also find some of the most extraordinary marine sanctuaries.

Do & See

Los Cabos’ breathtaking nature makes outdoor activities a major draw. The most popular pastime, other than golfing and shopping, is spending time offshore, where many visitors opt for sport fishing or cruising. For those who prefer staying on land, a trip to the outlying desert region, which is one of the largest and best preserved in Mexico, is recommended.


As Los Cabos once was a fishing region, it will probably not come as a surprise that fresh seafood is a local specialty and that it is often prepared to perfection. For those who prefer American fast-food or are brave enough to try the local street stands, there is no shortage of options.


Mexico might not be known for its gourmet coffee, but Los Cabos is an exception. Any special drink request can be met, and it is more than often accompanied by a delicious pastry or a sandwich.

Bars & Nightlife

Partying in Los Cabos is a high-energy affair. There are plenty of casual bars, but also upscale venues such as The Red Bar in San Jose del Cabo and Nikki Beach in Cabo San Lucas. For more night time entertainment, check out Boulevard Mijares in the historic district in San Jose del Cabo and Marina Boulevard in Cabo San Lucas.


In Los Cabos, big spenders will find that they can buy practically “everything under the sun”. Exclusive items include custom-made furniture and jewelery, world-class art, and high fashion. Upscale shopping is also available at the exclusive shopping center The Shoppes at La Pamilla, next to the Transpeninsula Highway. For one-stop shopping, Puerto Paraiso Shopping Mall is the place to go. Next door is the Marina Golden Zone, where you can explore a mega-selection of shops while strolling along the beautiful waterfront.The main shopping area in San Jose del Cabo is in the historical district where you can buy beautiful wood carvings, unique pewter objects and hand-painted clothing.

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